Behind The Wheel- Bani Yadav

"Nobody taught me, I learnt driving out of observation"- Bani Yadav
At 13, she used to sneak out of home with her father's car. No one ever noticed, because there never was one dent to prove it. Bani Yadav, an acclaimed racer, a woman who contributes to the society with all her heart, a perfect mother, here's her story...
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Making the World a Better Place
Bani is a corporate woman working with Airtel. She is also associated with an NGO called Badlaav that works towards the upliftment of Women. She is associated with a number of NGOs that work for Animal Welfare. She fosters stray cats & dogs every now & then. Her family has always been extremely supportive of her. She says that even Airtel has been supportive of her. For a Company to let an employee take leaves to follow her passion certainly is remarkable.
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The Success Route
She was influenced into driving by her father. He was a fast driver & modified cars in the 60s. Her mother also used to do rallies. She got married into an orthodox family but her husband became her biggest support. He led her into believing that nothing could stop her from doing what she's passionate about. She became the only woman driver from India to have won the Asia Cup.
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Bani's message to Women
For Bani, it's a never ending race. She say's she wants to go International. She has two sons, and she has raised them to become extremely independent individuals. She has taught them everything...from cooking to washing clothes. Her message to women is to be positive. She says, "It's the sheer power of your own thinking. If I can, you can also. Age is never a bar. Girls should be strong & never dependent". And we say, hats off to this strong, independent woman, who knows how to do things #LikeABoss
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