Priyanka Chopra gets featured on the Cover of TIME Magazine

Shruti Kumar
April 24, 2016
TIME Magazine comes out with a yearly list of the most influential people who shape the world
Dwayne Johnson also known as "The Rock" describes Priyanka in the article as "Before ever meeting Priyanka Chopra, I had heard her name coming out of Bollywood and was impressed: she was beautiful, talented, had made nearly 50 movies, earned multiple awards—a massive star. "
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Priyanka has impacted millions already
Dwayne Johnson calls himself lucky enough to be working with her on Baywatch. It’s an amazing time to watch as Priyanka Chopra pierce the U.S. market. She has an ability to inspire people to do more and achieve more. Priyanka's impact is going to be invaluable.
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Being Priyanka Chopra There is no substitute for hard work
Dwayne Johnson also quotes - "She has drive, ambition, self-respect, and she knows there’s no substitute for hard work. We always quote the saying “Wear your success like a T-shirt, not like a tuxedo,” and she really does—as big a star as she is, as global as she is, as beautiful as she is, there’s this interesting quality of relatability."
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Priyanka's Interview with TIME on being irreplaceable
In an interview with TIME, Chopra explained that as a young actress, she was treated as a dime a dozen. “When I was very young, I was 19 and I was doing the first few movies, I remember that my dates weren’t working out. My scheduling wasn’t working out for a movie with a very big actor. And the producer said, ‘Well, she can’t work it out, it’s fine, we’ll just cast someone else. Or, you know what? I’ll launch a new girl because girls are replaceable.’
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