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Buy Cobb Casual Shirts For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Cobb Casual Shirts For Men



Cobb apparel is a unisex fashion brand which has come a long since established. It is one of the most trusted brands in India. Cobb claims to follow the fashion of Italy to stay updated. And most recently, Economic times conducted a vote and it was declared that Cobb apparel is the 'Most Exciting Brand'. Cobb was also awarded the best apparels brand in 2017. The brand is known for its unmatched quality, the keeping up with the constant change in fashion. Cobb apparel has jeans, shirts, t-shirts, tops, non-denim bottoms, accessories like socks, belt. The brand ensures 100% comfort and style.

Style It Like A Pro

Not everyone knows how to style a casual shirt in an appropriate way. If they wear the attire properly they wear the wrong shoes. If they wear the right shirt, they wear it with a wrong pant. So we do not want our beloved customers to go through a fashion disaster and humiliate themselves so we have experts who will give their best suggestions.

Read on more to know-

1. Buy yourself a pair of Cobb Men orange and blue slim fit checked casual shirt with spread collar, long sleeves and a curved hem. Complete the look with a pair of slim fit black denim and a pair of sneakers. This will be a great outfit for a casual day out.

2. If you have the love for solid colours, go for Cobb men maroon slim fit solid casual shirt with a spread collar, long sleeves and curved hem. It is the perfect shirt for the Fall season. Pair it with slim fit jeans and layer it with a lightweight jacket. It is perfect for those who prefer comfort over style. It is two in one technology.

3. Let change our casual shirt a bit. Wear a Cobb men khaki slim fit solid casual shirt with a MANDARIN collar, long sleeves and curved hem. It is considered a high fashion COBB shirt. Wear this with a black slim fit denim and if you want to layer it, do it with a jacket and complete the look with chukka boots. This outfit is perfect for a drink with friends.

4. Find yourself a Cobb men navy blue slim fit checked casual shirt with cutaway collar and full sleeves. Pair it with light blue jeans or black slim fit jeans. Complete the look with a cardigan and a pair of stylish sunglasses. This is perfect attire for a dinner after work.

Find Your Match At LimeRoad


We have talked about Cobb apparel in great details, it's establishment, it claims, how to style it like a pro, now it's time to find the perfect Cobb casual shirt for you or your dear ones. We want you to find a casual shirt which does not break your budget but satisfies it and your style. The Cobb apparel casual shirts are very affordable. The range of Cobb apparel in LimeRoad starts from Rs. 682 and are available till Rs. 735. You see, that's such a comfortable price range. You can find all the Cobb apparel products on the website of Limeroad or you can download the app from Google play store and IOS store as well.