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Buy Cocktail Dresses For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Cocktail Dresses


Got any important functions coming up? Any important wedding with a lot of functions to attend? And can’t decide what to wear? That’s what cocktail dresses are for.


Earlier days cocktail dresses were specifically tailored for particular events. But now, gone are the days when such dresses belonged only to expensive closets. They are now available for all in extravagant fashion and at an affordable price range.


Cocktail dress, as the name suggests, is surely for cocktail parties but not just that. Anniversaries, weddings, engagements, reunions etc are typical for cocktail dresses. Whenever you need to rock any such events, just visit Limeroad and have a large collection waiting for you.


There sure are some dress codes to such parties, mostly pre-specified. But if not, you need to keep in mind the kind of people you will be meeting there. Decide Your dress accordingly. Conservative people imply a more traditional kind of dress. If ever, you can’t figure out what to wear, simply go with an LBD (little black dress), it always matches the vibe.  While, if you want to wear something colorful, try on an even tone, that too bright and feminine. The general code though is - short dresses that are party ready, but long dresses work as well if worn right.


A cocktail dress is the one which generally lies between a casual and a formal spectrum. That is less official than a formal dress and fancier than a casual dress. Its fabric is mostly silk or hosiery which complements the vibe of the event. Hosiery, sheer black or a nude color always suffice. A cocktail dress is elegant, sleek and suitable for semi-formal to sometimes formal occasions. Knee length dress mostly fulfills the criteria.



Cocktail dresses have very particular styling techniques and one must adhere to them. Breaking the code, must be done by experts only and under strict supervision or it could ruin your day. Some of the important code of conduct rules are-


  • With a cocktail dress, less is always better. Never carry an oversized bag, always carry a clutch. Clutches are necessary add-ons for this dress.
  • Cocktail dresses go best with high or platform heels. They provide the necessary posture required to carry the dress. Flats can ruin that for you.
  • Skip extreme hemlines when choosing your cocktail dress. Keep it even toned, not too short, not too long.
  • Team up your dress, with just one statement neck piece. The jewellery shall be simple and elegant.
  • Several kinds of sleeve types are available and can be chosen in accordance with the occasion. Bishop, bell, cap, dolman, Juliet, Gibson and three quarter. If you wanna display your arms, then the cap sleeve is your kind. While if you wanna cover up, then bishop, dolman, and three quarter suffice.

While, if you are worried about being overdressed or underdressed, then just go with a minimalist slip dress. It bears no risk of overly fancy or informal look.


Everybody wants to follow the extravagant looks of the actresses from movies, like Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Kareena Kapoor in Veere Di Wedding. Find these amazing outfits on our website Limeroad and get ready to be the next fashion icons among your friends and family.