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Buy Collared Formal Shirts For Men in India @ Limeroad

Collared Formal Shirts For Men


The collared formal shirt has gradually assumed its exact place in men’s wardrobes. Keeping up with ongoing trends of this particular collared formal shirt and adapting itself to the shifting contours of changing menswear outfit, the recent evolution of men’s dress shirts reflects not only increases popularity but also advances in production techniques and also the growing needs and demands of a fashion-driven market. What started purely as a formal item has now been transformed into a demanding men's style-defining garment.


No Pockets = Formal


Shirt collar is certainly the core of the shirt as it is most visible, makes them look cooler and it also can enhance the wearer’s face.

What was considered as a “simple” choice of collar tip length or angle, now that has gotten a lot more complete due to curvy lines style and button down collars with extra roll etc.

Also at the end of the day, we can list down to all essential collars which are the basis of all others and also are in huge demand like spread collar, button-down collar, club collar, classic collar, tuxedo collar, Mao collar and the small collar.


Of course, there are numerous styles and variations in size and shape to all those collars. Few men prefer to have the exact collar style for all their shirts in their wardrobe, and some want to mix it up and choose different collars for different purpose and occasions.

Classic collars are people's choice as they're neither too extra nor too tiny. They do not have extreme lengths and angles, which makes them more timeless than others. If you want to wear your shirts for years to come, try to go with a semi-spread collar in place of taking a regular button down rather than a small one.
At the same time, if you already have 20 same shirts in your closet and you want something else, go and choose from a set menu of collars to look out of the crowd.


Types Of Collars In Collared Formal Shirts

Spread collar – This is the most popular contemporary model for now and a go-to choice for both casual and formal shirts. The beauty of it relies in its versatility of working perfectly with or without a tie.

Button-down collar – This is something apart from a couple of exceptions. Traditionally it wasn't really worn with ties, but now many men combine it with a tie, it’s all up to you.

Classic collar –This is considered the timeless pointed collar as the right tie gap is mandatory in every man’s wardrobe.

Club collar – known as a revivalist model with rounded corners that picks up the Men Empire aesthetic. A different spread can create a very different look and it looks just perfect with a collar pin. You can buy them here at Limeroad.

Small collar – This is a smarter, smaller and more modern approach to the classic collar. This style can seamlessly work with a variety or Styles of shirts from denim to oxfords and even goes with contemporary classics.

Evening collar –  evening collars were detachable, starched and stiff in the past days. Today, most tuxedo shirts feature an attached evening collar that is often too small and floppy. Men's like to wear a turn-down collar or a detachable collar.

Mao collar – this standup collar is generally worn in combination with a Nehru jacket, mostly by artists and it is a distinct style usually worn by politicians.