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Buy colorbar foundation for women in India @ Limeroad

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Colorbar Foundation


Colorbar,the Indian Company offers foundation ranging from full, medium and light coverage with prices that appeals to every women out there. You can search for them on limeroad app at the ease of your smartphone. Or switch on your computer,click your browser and type in limeroad to buy your prefered foundation.


Name it, Get it!


ColorBar offers a lot of different types of foundations. Some of which are:


  • Filling and Lifting: Hydrates your skin and fills the fine lines on your skin. No more foundation cracking due to fine lines!


  • SPF: Most of the ColorBar foundation which can go upto SPF 60,which is a relatively new range and is gaining a lot of good reviews.


  • Mousse: Perfect Hydrating foundation and smooth texture makes you want to buy this one.


  • Stick: Perfect when you have to apply foundation quick or do specific contouring.


  • Compact: Foundation on the go, to be applied with compact cushion given.

Water Resistant

Remember the old times when even a bit of water could literally pour water over (ruin) your efforts of flawless makeup! Not anymore, every foundation that ColorBar has to offer is water resistant and long lasting.


The scenes we see where heroines shower with their makeup on is not fake, afterall!

Paraben Free, Risk Free

Paraben has been used as a preservative in numerous cosmetic products. They ensure long term use of makeup products by preventing them from decaying but Paraben can have a threatening effect on your skin.


Although there is a long debate about the effect of Paraben on skin diseases,it’s always good to be on the safe side.


All the ColorBar Foundation are free from paraben so you don't have to worry about doing your skin any damage with your makeup. In addition to that, ColorBar also claims foundation has been made without the use of any allergens or fragrances.

Tested By The Experts

Many times we don't know which ingredient is safe and which isn’t. To get over that confusion,it is safe to buy products that dermatologically tested. This way you are sure to provide your skin the best cosmetic industry has to offer.


ColorBar understands this concern and hence their product are labeled dermatologically tested and proven to be as perfect as it can get. It does make you feel more sure about the product you are using,doesn’t it?

Say No To Animal Abuse!

Recently,there has been much controversy regarding testing beauty products on animals. Many makeup lovers who also happens to be against animal cruelty do not want to commit the mistake of buying a product which could have been tested on animals like rabbit etc.


The brand ensures its customers that all its product which includes the foundation is cruelty free.

Colorbar Takes Care of Everybody

All the Colorbar Foundation are suitable for every skin type. Whether you have normal,dry or oily skin, you don’t have to look any further because you have got yourself a perfect makeup base in ColorBar Foundations.


Happy Shopping From Limeroad!