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Buy coloressence foundation for women in India @ Limeroad

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Coloressence Foundation

This “Made In India” brand caters to both Indian and Global customers across 30 countries. Hence,offering a wide range of shades in Foundation. You can login to Limeroad to order foundation of your choice, you might find great deals on such products.  Great product and great deal? Who doesn’t want that?

The Sun Power

Almost all of the Coloressence Foundation includes some kind of sun protection and we all know how important it is to protect one’s skin from the harmful UV rays. You can go out in the sun with Coloressence Foundations. One less thing to worry about. Say Yes to Sun, No to UV rays!


High Defination Hold

Coloressence Foundation provide HD look to give you the smoothest and natural skin tone at a really affordable rate. Much more affordable with the limeroad app!


Get the best of foundation with Coloressence’s HD collection of foundation!

Pigment You Deserve

The pigment is a really important ingredient of foundation,it is what gives the foundation it’s color. Coloressence makes sure the pigment is of top notch quality. The pigments in Coloressence are imported from Germany. Why Germany? Let’s not forget that Germany contributed a lot in the making of modern foundation.


Modern foundation goes back to Carl Baudin of the Leipziger Stadt theatre in Germany. Being a performer,he wanted to conceal the gap between his wig and forehead,in order to do so a paste made of zinc, ochre, and lard was prepared.


This paste was so popular with other actors that Baudin began making it commercially which gave birth to the first theatrical makeup known as foundation. So a pigment that comes from the land of “technically” first foundation ever? Yes to that!

No Tools Required!

One of the Foundation Coloressence has to offer which requires no other tools and has a easy application is Natural Ingredients High Definition Powder Foundation. This powder based foundation can be directly applied to face as the product contains brush which dispenses perfect amount of foundation that can be applied anytime anywhere.


Have flawless makeup within a matter of time! The shades that you can find on limeroad are soft beige, dusky, ivory beige.


These shades are also available in pack. The advantage of buying in pack is the great price at it comes with.

All In One Palette

An artist should not be confined to one shade of color. Artists deserves a palette which can bring the best of them. Coloressence High Definition Make-Up Base offer 10 different shade for the makeup artist in you who loves to experiment!


You can try and experiment different methods of contouring with these wide range of color. What’s more? Well a lot! They are high defination made with natural ingredient which let’s your skin both shine and breath.

How To Find Them?

If you are wondering how to find these coloressence foundations from the sea of product that limeroad has to offer, think no more! You can simply search or use the filters like brand “Coloressence” and category “Foundation”. Checkout, pay online or pay on arrival and sit back. We won’t be making you wait much!