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Copper Jugs

You always need to container to put water into for ease of access and to drink water from whenever you're thirsty without running to your water purifier.

What comes to our mind which is handy and able to contain ample amount of water - a jug and there are a lot of jugs available in the market with different materials such as plastic, stainless steel.


From ancient times, people use different kind of possible containers as water banks or storages gor example clay pot were extremely popular way back but they were not durable so as a need go strong, we have different kind of containers out of which the most popular was the jugs.

When plastic came into existence most of the jugs were made of plastic but stainless steel jugs are no match to plastic but then copper jugs came into market and with ayurvedic history of copper and started to gain popularity but loses its competition with plastic because plastic jugs were cheap and inexpensive.

Also people had no clue about the toxicity of plastic but in recent times copper jugs are coming back to the market and also impacting a fair share in market value.


  • Antimicrobial - In recent years study reveals that copper can remove harmful microbes from water if it is kept for more that 16 hours in copper jug and thus acts as automatic source of water purifier.
  • Brain stimulant - Our brain contains neurons to for message passing and neurons contains myelin which acts as conducting agent and the copper is effective and helps in the formation of myelin and thus water kept in copper vessel for a long time can improve our brain functioning.
  • Weight loss - Yes you might be amazed but copper aid to weight loss as it make our digestive system strong and also breaks down fat so drinking water stored in copper jug regularly might help us reduce our weight.
  • Slows down aging - Copper has very amazing antioxidant property and also hepls in formation of new cells which acts on free radicals which make us look aged.
  • Fight Cancer- Another benefit of using copper jug is because of it's antioxidant property which reduces the risk of cancer.


Copper is a metal so there is natural oxidation of copper thereby makinh it dirty. So it is mandatory to clean the vessel in certain interval of time. After buying copper jug do keep an eye on the oxidation process time to time. This cannot be counted as any disadvantage as we need to clean every vessel whether it is plastic or steel.

Copper Jugs are easily available at an affordable price and since it is a metal we can resell the vessel when it gets too old. With all these extraordinary advantages, there is nothing better than copper jug to store water for day to day use and to keep ourselves healthy and hydrated with this gift of nature.

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Frequently asked questions
What is a Copper Jug?
Copper jug is a container to hold water and it made up of a metal copper which constitutes various medicinal properties.
1 answers
How do you clean these jugs?
Due to oxidation of copper dark stains are appear on the surface of copper and it is hard to remove this stain with regular dish washer. - Use lemon juice and it brings the shine of copper back. - If lemon is not available, use baking soda or salt or vinegar.
1 answers
What to buy and what not to?
- Since you are buying jug to hold water in good quantity so buy at least 1 litre jug. - for a smart buyer you are make sure you buy jug which is made up of pure copper without any impurities - before buying read reviews of brand and seller. - Since you are buying jug to hold water in good quantity so buy at least 1 litre jug. - For a smart buyer you are make sure you buy jug which is made up of pure copper without any impurities - Before buying read reviews of brand and seller.
1 answers
Points to keep in mind while buying a copper jug.
- Use copper jug to hold only water - Copper is a metal which can react to any other liquids - Do not store milk and other milk products and anything that react with copper
1 answers
Why copper jug ?
- Copper deficiency can lead to thyroid problems, anemia, skin pigmentation and reduce the working of nervous system. - A human body need 1.2 mg dose of copper per day for smooth metabolism. - Ayurveda recognize copper as a very important metal for our body and can balance all three doshas( kalpha vata and pitta)
1 answers