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Buy Corduroy Trousers For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Corduroy Trousers For Men


If you’re one of those people who think corduroys are only for librarians and professors, think again. Another item from the 70s, the infamous corduroy trouser is having a major fashion moment right now. Hailed as the “Indiana Jones of legwear”, the corduroy trouser in clean cuts and slim and structured fits will add just the right amount of texture in your wardrobe. Also, cord fabric is tough AF so be assured of the durability and longevity of the fabric.


Hop up on the corduroy bandwagon and infuse some of it in your everyday apparel. We are pretty sure that you won’t regret it. Check out Limeroad’s sleek and tailored collection of corduroy trousers and pick your favorite pair now!


Corduroy History 101


Corduroy actually has a very rich history which goes far back to 200 AD to Fustat, a small city near Cairo, Egypt where it was initially woven. Exported then to Europe, it became popular with 18 century London tailors and among the Parisian intellectuals in the early 20 century. The Beatles then hugely popularized it by wearing corduroy suits in the 60s. In the US, it was a favorite among the Ivy League students and still remains an Ivy League staple to this day.


The name Corduroy comes from the French “Corde du Roi” meaning cloth of the king.


Since then it has had its share of ups and downs, but corduroy is back and flourishing in the fashion community. High-end designers like Prada, Armani, and Caruso incorporated it in their runway collections recently.


Styling Corduroy Trousers For Men


Styling corduroy can go two ways- really well or really badly. Which is why we’re here to help you figure out how you can style your corduroy trousers to look stylish and sharp. Since the fabric is woven thick, we would suggest you to keep your trousers slim fitted and not overly baggy. Another thing to consider is the length of your trousers- they should sit just beneath your ankles and on top of your trainers. If they’re too long, you can always roll up the hems.  Do not shy away from color! Step away from the basic black and try colors like tan, brown and beige.


Let’s look at how you can style corduroy trousers in your everyday life:


  • Style these brown cotton corduroy trouser by LaMode with a crisp blue button-down and loafers for a stylish and work appropriate look.
  • For a chic all-black look, pair these black cotton corduroy trousers by Apris with a lightweight black jumper and sneakers. You can not go wrong with a monochromatic look.
  • Style these grey cotton corduroy trouser by LaMode with a checked button down and a denim jacket for a super stylish and chic look.
  • For the classic corduroy look, pair these beige brown cotton corduroy trousers by Van Heusen with a light button down, dark blue jumper and loafers.

Discover all this and more at Limeroad with our amazing collection of corduroy trousers in a variety of colors so you have the best options to choose from!