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Buy Cotton Sofa Covers in India @ Limeroad

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Cotton Sofa Covers


It's important to choose the right kind of material when it comes to your living room. Any kind of miss match is unacceptable. Not only the furniture but the sofa covers and the curtains you choose should totally go along with the vibe of your living room. I've heard many people say these days that covers ruin the look of the sofa but that's not true we at limeroad have a variety of cotton sofa covers to choose from which not only add on to the elegance of your living room but also protect your sofa from unwanted dust and everything.



Choosing cotton sofa covers makes your covers easy to handle and maintain.

Cotton is a long run fabric so you don't have to worry about changing the covers every year because it got ruined.

It's machine wash qualities make it hassle free.


Cotton sofa covers not only protect your sofa from unwanted dust but also keep you and your kids away from unnecessary chemical contact.


Cotton is an allergy free fabric so you don't have to worry about your kids spending too much time on the sofa.


Cotton stays cool during summers and warm during winters so it's safe to say it's a fabric for all weathers.


It's very important to have sofa covers to prevent you from the hassle of getting it dry cleaned every time it catches a stain.


Make A Statement


Being an indian woman I understand how impo it is to us that our house looks perfectly clean and beautiful to anyone who walks through the door. In this scenario interiors play a very important role but the end game depends on us because our bed sheets, pillow covers, sofa covers and curtains etc reflect our sense of style and most importantly play a major role in the vibe of the house.


Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect sofa cover which compliments your interiors and makes the statement for you.

If you have a heavy sofa set you can go for a embroidered sofa cover which complements the heavy sofa set.

If your sofa set is light weight go for a printed one, an embroidered cover will over do it.

If your sofa set is light in colour choose a dark colour which goes in contrast with the colour of your sofa.

If you have a dark coloured sofa set choose a light coloured cover because in that way they will both highlight each other instead of covering.

Don't go for a much heavy design but also don’t use plain covers because they look dull. Always try and choose something moderate which is not over/ under the top.


In our country where pollution and population are two major problems I don't think you can manage without sofa covers. And since style is as important as protection use the above mentioned tips and get ready to leave an impression on your friends and family.