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Buy Crystal Necklaces For Women in India @ Limeroad

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german silver crystal color bead 5 layer lightweight necklace
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Crystal Necklaces


Crystals have always spoken of nothing but elegance and radiance. So when you are looking for authenticity in your attire and some flamboyance to flash, we at Limeroad suggest you go for the perfect Crystal Necklace!


Crystals are basically solid rock substances that have high refractive quality. This gives them a magnificent sheen that surpasses all other jewels. Crystals are characterized by their usual geometrical shapes and flat surfaces.


These properties make crystals highly aristocratic jewellery material. Not only this, but crystals are known for their spiritual properties. Wearing a crystal necklace enhances your aura, as different crystal stones work with different forces.


Crystals At Work


Choosing the right crystal to adorn your neck is very important. A crystal necklace sits directly near the heart area and thus is an integral piece of crystal jewellery. There are various crystals that specialize in different energies, some of which are -


  1. The Clear Quartz - This crystal is translucent with a clear whitish look. A Clear Quartz can be used to heal any physical or mental issues of the body. The generic colour of the crystal also makes it possible to match it with all kinds of outfits and adds a certain panache to it.
  2. The Amethyst - The Amethyst is available in different tints and tones of Purple colour. This helps in clearing the conscience and relieving various stresses of the mind. The beautiful hues of violet also add vibrance to any outfit you wear the necklace with.
  3. The Rose Quartz - As the name suggests, this crystal comes in a pale Baby Pink colour. Wearing a necklace made of this particular crystal helps in opening your heart and inculcating inner peace and forgiveness in life. This surely is a crystal to carry in your heart!
  4. The Citrine - Also known as the Merchant's Stone, carrying this crystal around is a sure gateway to prosperity and good luck. This crystal is sure to build your aura. Not only this, but the dazzling golden colour of the Citrine Crystal catches eyed from miles away.
  5. The Carnelian - If you're looking for something to cleanse your aura and push your way forward, Carnelian is your stone. This crystal removes impurities from within and around your system. Its colouring ranges from bright orange to reddish brown shades, and look ecstatic when worn in charming designs around the neck.

These and many other crystals have been known to boost one's aura. So what's better to adorn your neck with other than your favourite crystal necklace?


We at Limeroad, understand the importance of Crystal Jewellery, and know that the evergreen trend of crystal necklace can never be stressed enough! Limeroad offers a vast collection of Crystal Necklaces by brands like The Ethnic Wears, Aradhya Jewellery, and many more for you to choose from. Apart from their intense powers, the beauty of the stones in itself is a luxury to flaunt.


So, if you're someone who is looking for the graceful look that crystal necklaces provide, Crystal Imitation Jewellery is just the answer for you! Choose from a variety of necklaces like multiple threaded, studded, beaded, and pendant necklaces. Because we at Limeroad know that one can never have enough of Crystal!