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Buy Crystal Pendants for women in India @ Limeroad

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Crystal Pendant

Crystal Pendants are a classic piece of jewellery, they instantly make an outfit look feminine and classy. If you like accessorizing your neck, you may consider investing in a crystal pendant because it is so versatile and you can wear one if you are in doubt about what to wear with your outfit. The stones in fashion crystal pendants come in many colours and shapes, whether plain and minimal for the uninitiated or multicoloured for the adventurous.

There are many colours of stones that may suit various occasions. Crystal pendants with white or black stones are the most universal, they will match any outfit. But if you like colour and want a pendant that catches the eye, you can get pendants with crystals in bright colours like blue, pink, purple, or even multiple colours together! There are classic pendants with a small white stone locket that suit every outfit, and there are pendants, the lockets of which come in interesting shapes such as butterfly, heart (this shape is quite popular), and flower among others. Here are some specially chosen options for you from Limeroad that may capture your interest:

  • Silver Crystal Pendant by Aaishwarya: This pendant has a classic design that can be worn with any outfit to make it look prettier. For an easy outfit, you can wear it with a pastel shirt and jeans with nude kitten heels. You can also wear this pendant to balance an outfit with excessive colour and detail.
  • Multi Gold Plated Pendant by Jewels Galaxy: This colourful pendant with multi-coloured stones can brighten up any outfit. You can don this pendant with a plain white dress and pastel pink pumps.
  • Silver Metal Pendant with Chain by Jewelz: This gorgeous pendant has a butterfly-shaped locket with stones inside. You can team this with a floral printed top, light wash jeans, and ballet flats.

How To Style?

There are many attires that crystal pendants can be incorporated into, you can even try wearing a white kurta with a coloured crystal pendant and jeans when you want an easy outfit for college.

An off shoulder top is ideal to show off that white crystal pendant you just got. When done right, wearing a bright coloured crystal with a brightly coloured outfit can make for a stunning look, you can pair a teal coloured maxi dress with a blue coloured crystal pendant.

Crystal pendants can also glam up every-day look, something as simple as a T-shirt and jeans can be leveled up with a pendant.

If you have work clothes that could use some bling, wear them with a white or black crystal pendant in a simple yet dainty shape.

Some crystal pendants even come in sets with matching earrings if you like matching jewellery pieces.

Crystal pendants are a great jewellery piece to own if you like jewellery that is adaptable to any attire, so visit Limeroad and explore our collection of crystal pendants for the diva in you!