Hosting A Kitty Party? Here Are 5 Ways to Give Your Home An Instant Makeover!

Swati Sharma
June 7, 2016
the serene living area
Dress-up your living area in pastel hues and floral prints with cushion covers, glass vases and wall mirrors to give the illusion of a bigger, brighter area to sit, chat & play board games with your girlfriends!
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the indie touch
If you, just like us, are bored of the usual all-whites & beige indoors, experiment with indie accents to give your place a charming, old-school vibe which is perfect to reminisce your old-time memories with friends!
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the perfect brunch!
If you're planning to host a brunch for your girlfriends, this setting is perfect for your dining table or the outdoors.
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Dress-Up The Balcony!
The perfect way to dress-up your outdoor seating areas is to add a splash of colour! Throw colourful cushions over your wooden benches, spread a multi-coloured rug over the floor and place colour-coordinated glass vases on the center table to lend an aesthetic, fun appeal to the place.
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