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Buy Damaged Jeans For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Damaged Jeans For Women

Damaged jeans have become popular than ever before. When it comes to a grungy look, nothing beats a pair of distressed jeans.

Damaged jeans today is an article which you will find in approximately every fashionable person’s closet.


Even though a lot of us are fond of taking it in our hands and tearing our own pair of old jeans but this does not give the kind of trendy look that one can find while shopping for damaged jeans for women online.


So, if you do not already own a pair of branded ripped jeans in your wardrobe, all you have to do is purchase torn jeans online from brands like Pepe Jeans, Van Heusen, and many more to catch sight of ripped jeans for women in several kinds, shades, and designs.


There is something rough and tempting about the distressed jeans when someone carries it the proper way. These can definitely give you a relaxed look-of-the-moment as it includes a genuine hit of outline to any outfit.


Torn jeans are the stylish trend that has always caught the eye of fashionistas and has been acquiring more pull these days. Today, we can see many fashion enthusiasts, experts, and famous personalities wearing this ideal piece of outfit everywhere.


Hottest Ways to Wear Damaged Jeans


  • Slim fit Torn Jeans: They are one of the most stylish pairs of jeans for women. This trend is perfect to show off some skin as it highlights your body. You can team it up with a baggy blouson and pumps to equalize it out.
  • Cropped Ripped Jeans: These kinds of jeans are the ideal choice to boost the cool feel which is a bit smaller than ankle length jeans.
  • Ripped Boyfriend Jeans: These jeans with a little loose cut are the most popular style now which can award anyone a fresh edge when it is teamed with suitable clothes and footwear. Put on an edgy look by wearing damaged boyfriend jeans with a simple long shirt and white sneakers.

Your Height


Be it damaged jeans for men or damaged jeans for women, one of the initial things that you have to keep in your mind is your height.


This is basically due to your height which concludes where the rips are going to sit. And damaged jeans with tears in the inappropriate places can contribute to a clumsy look.


So, when you buy damage jeans online, assure that the jeans are apt for your height so that the rips are correctly placed.


Buying damaged jeans online at Limeroad is the perfect thing to do as it saves time as well as money. Whether you want to buy ripped jeans for men or women, Limeroad is one of the apt online shopping sites to check.


Select the pairs you love and include them in your wardrobe easily with just a few clicks and effortless payment gateways.