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Denim Blazer For Men


Denim Blazer as the name suggests is a combination of a denim and the blazer. A blazer is usually made of cotton blend material which is sturdy. A denim material is also sturdy and gives the look to the blazer. Denim blazers are basically available in blue colour but can vary as the colours of the denim jeans. You can find black, white and grey as well.


A blazer's cloth is usually durable, as it is intended as outdoor wear. So is the denim material as the jeans last for about a year or two without looking worn out.  A blazer is a type of jacket resembling a suit jacket, but cut more casually.


A blazer is a more formal garment as compared to sport jackets and other jackets. But when it comes to denim jacket the formal look can be altered and made a bit casual. The denim blazers bend towards the casual look giving a cool, party sort of vibe.

Blazers often have naval-style metal buttons to reflect their.


Normal Blazer vs Denim Blazer?

A normal blazer and denim blazer are similar in case of the cut of the garment. The length and the sizes are mostly the same( may differ between brands).


A normal blazer falls in between a jacket and a suit but a denim blazer is more towards the casual side. You can make it look formal by teaming a contrasting shirt and a pair of jeans with it.


Shoes play a significant role in the look of the outfit with a normal blazer opt for a pair of loafers or leather shoes but with the denim blazer go for a funky pair of sneakers or sports shoes. The day look can be maintained by the shoes and the sneakers are a go for the night look.


With the normal blazer often a contrasting button color like brass, gold, mother of pearl or silver is used but with the denim blazer matching buttons are fitted that mix with the color of the denim.


Style The Denim Blazer The Right Way


This is a deliberately dressed-down look. It pairs well with anything from a lightly-patterned dress shirt and leather shoes to a fitted T-shirt and canvas sneakers.

For a preppy look, throw on a red-striped tee and choose a black blazer with a matching pair of jeans to add color to the outfit. For something more contemporary wear a dark turtleneck or T-shirt and the blue washed denim blazer. It all just comes down to the image you want.

Do not go for something too formal or street wear. Avoid wearing a graphic tshirt on a denim blazer it automatically brings the whole look down. Keep sneakers of the basic color, not something very coloured). A blazer/jeans outfit belongs to the comfortable middle ground, not to either extreme.


A denim blazer is all set to rule the new trendy era of fashion and style. Grab a piece or two for your wardrobe from