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                             Dhakai Saree For Women


‘Dhakai’ name is originated from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The work is lively loved and admired in the coastal areas of West Bengal and other suburban of the state as well. The jamdani work is then mixed with Dhakai sarees and come up with Dhakai Jamdani sarees. This sheer cotton sarees portrays the simple choice of the women West Bengal as well. These sarees are the lightest affairs to carry all day long easily and available at affordable rates.


Woven with extreme intricacy and hard-work, Dhakai Jamdani saree is one of the most exquisite types of saree. In the making of jamdani saree, the cotton fabric is woven with zari fabric whilst the pattern on pallu adds to its beauty. The famous mango motif called as kolkata is the most popular one amongst all other motifs.


Sarees always make a woman look ethereal and glamourous. They look great to be worn for formal as well as casual occasions.Sarees make you look elegant and glamorous. Saree is a fashion clothing which can never go out of style.


These sarees are a must buy piece and is a must have in every closet. The dhakai sarees are a classic wear . These sarees are made available on LimeRoad. You can grab your favourite sarees on LimeRoad. They have a huge variety , huge variations in patterns and colours.


Change In Tradition


A lot has changed in Indian culture over the years as modernization took place. An urbanized lifestyle, developing city landscapes and influence of western culture brought some major changes in the lives of people in India. As a result, Indian fashion has stood at par with the major fashion destinations of world. Amidst all this what remained to hold its grace and yet adapt to the changing time is the Indian saree. Different regions in India have different patterns of saree and west Bengal has this beautiful creation of dhakai saree.


Before urbanization stepped in India, the Bengali saree look was much different than what it is now. In the medieval age, the concept of the blouse wasn’t included in traditional Bengali saree style as the women spent most of the time inside their houses. However, with changing times women had to step out of the house and socialize that lead to the first change in Bengali saree design. It was then when the traditional Bengali saree was combined with blouse similar to Parsi style blouse and worn as an ensemble, which then became a popular Bengali saree wearing style.


As it is a popular saree of Bangladesh, and famous in West Bengal for obvious reasons. Here are some tips on how to drape a dhakai saree in Bengali style.


How to Drape A Bengali Saree


Bengal is a land of cultural literature and art. Its aesthetic values are reflected in the lifestyle of its people. The unique technique of how to drape Bengali saree too reflects its eye for the art of draping. The basic technique of how to wear bengali saree step by step can be cracked-up in six easy steps.     


1.Wrap the saree around your waist.

2.Pleat the saree and tuck it like a Nivi  saree style.

3.Take the remaining saree and form pleats to cover the upper body.

4.Place the folded pleats on your left shoulder.

5.Take the tip of the pallu to the front from under the right hand.

6.Knott the tip and throw it over your right shoulder.


These dhakai sarees are perfect example beautiful, elegant, classic all in one is saree.


You can buy your own dhakai saree from anywhere and anytime on the most loved site LimeRoad.