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Buy digital and analog watches for men in India @ Limeroad

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Analog Digital Watches For Men



An analog digital watch for men is a timeless piece. Like jewellery, a beautiful and expensive wristwatch can be handed down to your children as a family heirloom. But with all the types and designs of wrist watches available today, you can get caught up in choosing the perfect one, and might end up spending more on the wrong one. Although, many fancy watches are available nowadays, many men still go for the enduring elegance of analog digital watches. Before getting deeper into the how and why of analog digital watches, let’s look into the collective history of watches.

Watches - Enduring Time



The history of the analog wristwatch goes back to when Queen Elizabeth I of England was gifted a wristwatch from Robert Dudley in 1571; although he preferred to call it an arm watch. Wristwatches were made popular by military men towards the end of the World War I. During the war, when the importance of synchronized maneuvers was becoming increasingly important, the wristwatches helped them time their movements.


After the World War I, the victory of the Allies made the masses realize how important and handy a wristwatch can be. This opened up a huge market for wristwatches. The craze that started then is still evident today despite the advent of smartphones. If you are one of those people who can’t do without an analog watch, then let us delve deeper into the types of watches without further ado.



Analog Digital Watches



A classy timepiece not only adds a sense of refinement to an outfit but also makes for a great investment. But before you head out to buy a watch for yourself, consider the all new type of watch which is a hybrid between an analog and a digital watch.


The classic appeal of these watches make them a popular choice among many. But these kinds of timepieces display the time in numerical digits at the background of dials .These kinds of watches usually feature a face that holds hour and minute hands. Numbers, dots, stones or Roman numerals mark the 12 hours on the display. These watches run on battery or vibrating electrified quartz crystal. They are considered perfect for casual events, dates and any formal or semi-formal event.



How to Buy An Analog Digital Watch?



With a host of brands out there, there are many analog digital watches that hit the sweet spot between looking good and being affordable. If you have figured out the design, the brand and the budget that’s right for you, then picking out an analog watch from top brands like Rado, Tag Heuer, Longines, Tissot, Seiko, and Diesel etc will become easier.


If you are still not sure about the brand and the design, but are looking for a watch in a particular price category, then online LimeRoad might help you zero in on one from their vast collection and ones with discounts. But before you actually buy one, look at its size. An ideal watch should be big enough to sit comfortably in the middle of your wrist.


The next step is to look for the strap, whether you want a metallic one in a silver or gold tone, or both; or if you want to go for a leather strap in classic hues like brown, black and beige. Nowadays, you can also find rubber straps with colorful prints and peppy designs. After you find the perfect piece, compare its price on different online sites, we are sure that you at the end consider buying it from LimeRoad. It’s never bad to read reviews about it, this helps you to buy it via hassle-free payment methods.