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Buy Divine Casa Bedsheets in India @ Limeroad

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Divine Casa Bedsheets


What's the first thing that you notice when you walk in a bedroom? The bed of course. Nothing else in the room matters when you have a dynamic bedding set, laid grandly on your bed. A bad bed sheet is enough to ruin your impression that you worked so hard to build. Your only saviour in this scenario is a something like divine bedding collection.


It's not like the bed is the first thing that some guest would want to see as soon as they enter your home, but a bed is something that sure is evident. It's one of the largest pieces of furnitures and instantly steals attention. For instance, if you put up a bad bed sheet or the one in a bad color, it definitely would not come off as an impresser. So, be smart and don't let the bed bugs bite.


Divine is one brand that takes into consideration all the aspects that make your bedding complete and your slumber peaceful. If impression matters to you, Divine is never going to let you down. If you buy a divine bed sheet, it’s sure that you won't ever go for some other variable. This brand has an enormous collection of trendy bed sheets but comfort tops their priorities. They take particular care of what their customers actually need.


You won't have to say and divine would already have it. Be it comfort, style, presence, aesthetic or impression- divine’s collection of beddings has the whole package to offer and that, in a budget.


The divine collection is meant for suiting every individual's personal requirement and wants. It’s customized according to the specification one goes for when they buy a bed sheet.


Hottest picks


1. Divine 140 TC cotton double printed bed sheet


It’s a double sized bed sheet made of pure cotton. This flamboyant and young piece has made itself popular owing to its geometric grey pink and white flat pattern. It comes with two pillow covers in the packaging. The rejuvenating combination of colors creates a contemporary look in the bed sheet’s favor. The fabric is not only comfortable but easy to wash and maintain.


2. Divine cotton double floral bed sheet


This one comes in an impressive wine colour. It's a double bed sheet made of cotton which comes with a pair of pillow covers. It comes with a beautiful flat floral pattern over the whole expanse of the bed sheet. It has a homey vibe to it and would be a perfect addition to your bedroom.


3. Divine 160 TC cotton double abstract bed sheet


This magnificent piece of double bed sheet comes in a dark shade if blue. It has an authentic and traditional Indian art on it. This cannot be described as anything less than a masterpiece. Aside from the beautiful painting in the centre, there are white ethnic designs on the edge of the bed sheet. The designs on the cushion covers add charm to the whole look of the bed sheet. This bed sheet gives a stunning vibe to your whole room and makes it seem more authentic and traditional.