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Buy Dr. Scholl’s Sandals For Men in India @ Limeroad

Dr. Scholl’s Sandals For Men


It is no exception that every one of us suffers from a foot pain at one point in our life. While there might be other reasons for this to happen, uncomfortable footwear is the most common one. The footwear you wear should fit the natural shape of your foot. If it doesn’t, in the course of time it will have some adverse effects on your health. To solve this problem, there are orthopedic shoes in the market now to give your feet that will fit your feet perfectly and yield you comfort and convenience. There are many brands that make orthopedic shoes out of which Dr. Scholls has been a pioneer for quite a while now. Choose from the ideal footwear range of Dr. Scholl’s men’s sandal from Limeroad and give your feet a treat.


Dr. Scholl was born in Indiana in 1882 in a family of cobblers and farmers. At the age of 17, he moved to Chicago to work in a small shoe shop that specializes in making comfortable footwear. There he observed that there were a lot of people had painful foot conditions and this encouraged him to join a medical school especially to learn about the anatomy and physiology of feet. In 104, when he was still at med school, he invented his first arch support and got it patented. To market this, he found the Dr. Scholl’s Company and later joined with his brother to expand the reach of the company overseas. During his lifetime, he invented about a 1000 foot care products to help people across the world.


The Ultimate Care For Your Feet


Dr. Scholl’s Company has been producing the footwear range for a very long time now. So much so that they have gained a lot of reputation and expertise in the field. Their men’s sandals section is so diverse that you will find a cool, comfortable sandal for yourself within no time that represents your personal style mantra. They come in all colors and designs to help you match them with many outfits so you can get out the shoes that were killing your feet. They look fashionably upbeat and in sync with the current trend. These are meant for all of your casual use for sure but there is no limitation that would stop you from wearing these to work either. The men’s collection from Dr. Scholl is mainly made of leather in shades of brown and black. The insoles are soft and mold perfectly to the shape of your feet so you can walk around comfortably. They are water resistant and lightweight that adds to the comfort that these sandals give you.


We at Limeroad, care about your well being a great deal. We always bring you the best of the best to keep you fashionable while being comfortable. Choose the kind of men’s sandals you’ve always wanted to have from our exclusive collection of Dr. Scholl’s sandals from Limeroad today. Trust us, your feet will surely thank you!