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Buy Duffle Handbags For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Duffle Handbags For Women


A Duffle Handbag is a large cylinder-shaped bag. It is usually made up of a cloth or some hard fabric with a drawstring closure at the top.


A Duffle bag is also known as a gym bag or a kit bag.


At Limeroad, you will be surprised to find the choicest collection of durable Duffle Handbags from renowned brands in a variety of colours, prints and designs.




  • Duffle Handbags are mostly used as a luggage bag.

  • The bag is mostly used to carry sports equipment.

  • People who are travel freaks must have a Duffle Handbag with them.

  • Duffle Handbags are often used by military personnel to carry safety kits and other requirements.

  • Duffle Handbags can also be used by the sailors or mariners and hence duffle bags are also known as seabags.


“Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile.”


The above-written quote was a famous saying in the old days of World War I.

This was when the Duffle Bags came into existence.


Colour & Fabric


Duffle Handbags were generally made up of canvas in the good old days. But now they are mainly made up of thick cloth fabric.


Canvas is still used to make Duffle Handbags because of the durability and kind of weight handling attribute it has.


Duffle Handbags used to be of light khaki or faded ochre in colour. But now because of different trends, favorability and fashion, Duffle bags are available in all colours.




The versatility and the variety of the duffle bags make them the perfect bags that can be used as - luggage bags and totes, or both.


Duffle Bags are multi-purpose bags. They can assist you virtually any time you need to carry more than just your wallet and keys.


No matter, where you want to go and what you have planned, Duffle Bags will always be a classy and handy piece of baggage to have around you.




  • Travel
  • Duffle bags are a must-have baggage product for a traveler. Duffle bags make your belongings easy to access. Duffle bags are easy to carry because they are made up of lightweight fabric.
  • Many companies produce rolling duffle bags to provide added convenience to the travelers.
  • Traditional and rolling duffel bags are sized as carry-on luggage to make everyone's flight plans easier.
  • Duffle bags are also great for road trips, weekend vacations, and overnighters.
  • Sports and Recreation
  • From indoor games like tennis to outdoor games like basketball, duffle bags are essential for sports and recreation activities.
  • The large size and the portability of duffel bags make them easy to fill with gear and give your best on the way to the big game.
  • Gym
  • Duffle bags are easy to clean and are quite spacious which makes them an ideal bag for the gym.
  • One can easily put gym clothes, an extra set of street clothes, shoes, and personal items.
  • Duffle bags can easily fit in the gym lockers so as to keep all your things safe and secure.
  • Business
  • There are specially designed duffle bags with protective sleeves and pockets for business items. This makes them an easy option to store laptop or files.
  • To look extra stylish and formal at the same time, buy leather duffle bags to carry to your offices.