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Electric Iron


The electric iron is one of the most important, extremely popular and widely used domestic appliances. It works on the heating effect of electric current.


Usage and Points of Differentiation


An electric Iron is a general household appliance used to press the wrinkles out of the clothes. This works on the basis that the combination of heat and pressure removes wrinkles. The principle of the electric iron is that when current is passed through a coil, the coil gets red hot and transfers the heat to the base plate of the electric iron through conduction.

In the earlier days steam irons were used, but now the electric iron is preferred over the steam ones. Steam irons have some maintenance issues due to clogging. Steam irons usually have vents through which the water passes. As the steam iron gets used, slowly the minerals from the water accumulate at the vents and block the water from passing through. Thus the efficiency of the steam iron is compromised.


Types of Iron


There are basically two types of electric irons:



There is not much difference between the two types. The former has one regulator to control the temperature of the element and in-turn the temperature of the iron.

Now you may ask, why do we need to control the temperature of the iron?

The answer is simple. Now-a-days we use various types of fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, etc. So to suit the temperature required for different kinds of fabrics, we use the temperature control.


How it works?


This product consists of two parts:

• Electric iron

• Electric iron base unit

• Networked power line – An energy saving electric iron which converts wasted heat energy to electrical energy when it was cooling down and place onto the base unit. The electrical energy was then shared among appliances in the ‘Green’ home network via the electrical power line.

• Manual and automatic thermostat – The charged coupled device (CCD) camera on the electric iron scanned the tag of the clothes. The image captured from the tag was then compared with a database of graphical icons. Each icon was represented by different temperature setting. Similar graphical icon control the optimum temperature needed by the clothes.

• Thermal sensor – The infra-ray thermal sensor in the electric iron continuously monitors the temperature of the clothes and will generate a sound if the user was going to overheat the clothes.

• Thermal indicator – A strip of dynamic material at the edge of the electric iron reacted to the increased in temperature of the electric iron and glowed into red when it was hot and turned grey when it was at room temperature.


The benefits


The three areas that were beneficial to the users were that wasted energy can be used by other appliances in the home. It gave assurance and confidence to the user by using the optimum temperature for ironing and the improved ergonomics when ironing the clothes. Easy maintenance then steam irons


Technology Used


The following are some of the technology used for the development of the electrical iron.

• Charge-couple device (CCD) array and cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) – To capture graphical icons on the clothes tag.

• Image matching software application – To compare similar graphical icons and set the optimum temperature for the clothes that one is ironing.

• Infra-ray thermal sensor – Using infra-ray to monitor the temperature of the clothes.

• Energy saving microchip – To convert thermal energy to electrical energy to be used by the networked home.

• Carbon ultra capacitor – To store electrical energy to be used by the networked home.

Singer, Bajaj, Havells, Usha, Phillips, Maharaja, Crompton etc are some of the famous brands offering electric iron. These are also available online at attractive prices way lesser then their showroom price and same warranty and guarantee period with easy return policy.


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