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Electric Kettle

Boiling water for preparing beverages or drinking is necessary & an unavoidable practice in most households. With the right kitchen appliances, you could save both electricity and time everyday. For instance, electric kettles are quicker than microwaves or stovetop kettles. Unlike the stovetops, the electric kettle have an automatic thermostat. This important thing turns off the kettle instantly if the water has reached its boiling point. This protects the heating element of the electric kettle.

Types Of Electric Kettles:


You can buy either a corded or a cordless electric kettle. The corded ones are relatively old fashioned than the cordless. These have an electric cord just as other related gadgets. The cordless have no batteries no cords. Their bases have unique powerful elements that connect to the electric main supplies. After your water is already hot, it is convenient to detach the kettle from its base.

Handling the electric kettle:

After one session of boiling water is done, pour it into a vacuum flask and refill the kettle again. Since the base and the kettle join precisely, you cannot have any problems reconnecting the two. One thing you should learn about both electric styles is that they only boil water. If you do not store the water in a vacuum flask, then it will become cool. By storing it in the flask, you can avoid boiling water many times a day using the electric teakettle while the flask keeping it steaming and you can make a cup of tea or coffee any time.



                                 Overall Features

1. Boils Quickly

2. Set temperature to any degree is simple: The last setting is retained when turned off (but not unplugged) and displayed when briefly when turned on. Pressing + on the kettle will modify that temperature. Pressing the Temperature Set button will cycle through the 6 factory presets.

3. Recall stored temperature settings for various beverages is simple, though you might want to keep a notepad around with what beverage is brewed at what temperature as it just displays the temperatures

4. Switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius is simple, just press one button.

5. Holding temperature for an hour is simple (push one button) and can be re-selected after a pour for the remaining water in the kettle.

6. Temperature Display: It is clearly visible and continues to display even after the unit stops heating water (while cooling down or holding temp).

7. Looks Great




The kettle sits on a small stand and the kettle itself does not have a cord, this makes it quite easy to handle as compared to older styles.


It is portable you can walk anywhere with it; the cord stays behind with the stand.The countertop type use less electricity since the element is directly immersed in the water.
They are one of the most efficient appliances of any kind and they heat the water faster than the stove-top kettle. Also, they automatically turn off when the water is boiling so they don't waste any energy in that area either also saves electricity. For that reason, they also will not boil themselves dry.