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Buy Embroidered Jacket For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Embroidered Jacket For Women


Jackets are a formal wear suitable for both Men and Women and when it comes to women jackets particularly embroidered jackets become more formal wear as it is an evergreen formal wear than blazers as it is the most suitable for ladies as formal wear. Among all kinds of jackets embroidered fabric jackets are an all time favourite one among women and there is always a jacket for everyone. Mostly jackets don’t come with pants so styling and pairing with your jackets is purely an individual’s choice. Working women’s wardrobe and girls who want to give a stylish outlook will be incomplete without embroidered  jackets as they are an all time chic formal wear. Most importantly dark coloured embroidered jackets like black, brown, navy blue are in evergreen trend irrespective of its styling patterns are truly irreplaceable and preferred. They look more elegant and formal as they go well with any plain coloured tees and jeans. Spring is one of those beautiful seasons of the year where the weather can be mixing throughout the day with some chilly mornings and evenings but blazing afternoons. So the season calls for a light textured jacket with most of the young women choice being the embroidered jacket.


The embroidery styles of the jackets from Punjab region include the styles of Multani embroidery which features kalabakan patterns using thin wires this type of embroidery is also common in the rest of the Punjab region as well. Kalabatan surkh involves using gold wires on bright coloured silk material and they also involve using silver wires on white material. There are two kinds of gold embroidery, one of a solid and rich kind called kar-chob and the other called tila-kar or kar-chikan utilising gold thread.Their fine designing works include representations of religious stories. There are many top Indian brands offering readymade or semi-stitched embroidered jackets as to name a few Aadrika, Aaliya woman, Aara, Abony, amolika, Azira, Bombay high, colbrii, cotton fab, Desi weaves, Ethnic, Femelle, five stones, geroo Jaipur etc with authentic Indian bright colours like dark blue, red, multi colours,pink, purple and various other colour ranges. The fabric used for punjabi suits are available in cotton, polyester, crepe, cotton blend, silk, net, rayon, georgette, nylon, silk blend, chanderi silk, lace, chiffon, khadi, satin.


There are almost five types of jackets as with the perfect classic jacket being an all time favorite denim jacket style because it is the most versatile jackets among women. It looks great with an intentional denim on denim outfit, with any kind of floral dress, and also with any casual or semi-dressy outfit with the perfect finishing. The next in trend is the distressed jacket which is more perfect for a highly fashionable street style inspired look. It usually contains frayed edges or worn-in holes, so it’s best to save this piece for your weekend party looks. This jacket is great for pairing with crop tops and high-waisted pants or skirts and is a better way to pull this tricky look off than with a patchwork or embellished denim jacket. The modern embroidered with colors ranges will make a denim outfit much more interesting. If you’re looking for a spin on the classic denim jacket with tidied up look then the oversized denim jacket is the best style for you. To pull this style off, roll up the sleeves and wear it with fun pattern or printed top underneath. Last but not least the latest trend among young girls is the colored denim jacket. To experiment with color because bold and pastel hues with shades like white, pink, and peach will all act as neutrals in an outfit. At LimeRoad we make your shopping experience much more easier with all your needs and demands met at a point presenting to you with leading international brands with wide range of choices in colours, pattern, price ranges and just go cool and chic with our latest collections of embroidered  jackets.

Frequently asked questions
What are the top brands in embroidered jackets?
Some of the international brands known their embroidered jackets are Ackkia, Allen Solly, Beyove,Calvin Klein, Clovery, Grapent, Kayanniya, Sheln, Urban Coco, Tuifallen, Lanisen, Irisu, Van Heusen.
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With what embroidered jackets can be paired with?
Embroidered jackets go well with trousers, striped jeans, Jeans particularly skinny fit types for a casual chic look. Most importantly dark coloured denim jackets like navy blue, black, brown irrespective of its styling patterns are truly irreplaceable and preferred. They look more elegant and formal as they go well with any plain coloured tees and jeans.
1 answers
Which is the most preferred colour of jackets among ladies?
When compared to light coloured jackets most working women prefer dark colored embroidered jackets like navy blue, black, brown irrespective of its styling patterns are truly irreplaceable and preferred.
1 answers
What kind of jackets will look good with dresses?
Cropped leather jacket, embroidered jackets, Denim jackets, luxurious cardigans, fur vest to name a few are some amazing options to wear over dresses.
1 answers
Does embroidered jackets come with zipper?
No, not all jackets come with zip but zip up jackets types are one the one most preferred.
1 answers
Are embroidered jackets machine washable?
Yes, jackets are cold machine washable, suitable with non-chlorine bleach.
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How can I choose my size of jackets?
One can choose according to their needs keeping the type of occasion, body fit type according to your waist and chest size, colour and patterns in their mind.
1 answers
Which jackets to wear in snow?
Parka jackets with fur hoodie, fur vest, waterproof long jackets, pea coat jackets are some of the options to wear in snow.
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What kind of fabric is used in jackets apart from denim?
With varied materials like cotton, polyester, spandex, viscose, wool blazers one can choose according their atmospheric conditions. Soft and stretch leather fabric is great for all season and is the most preferred one.
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What is embroidery punjabi jacket?
Embroidery punjabi jackets are quite popular because of the intricate fine detailing done on the fabrics which is later stitched to a punjabi suit salwar. Embroidery is a handicraft that uses yarn and needle to create a beautiful design pattern and one can certainly create by simply creating their own customized design embroidery pattern. Embroidery punjabi jackets for women and thread works they make are the best of Punjabi salwar suits and can be vehemently seen all over the bodice of the suit.
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