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Faces Mascara For Women


Volumizing mascara that adds dramatization to your eyes! The FACES Magnet eyes Dramatic Volumizing Mascara makes striking lashes, completely covering the lashes from root to tip for an interminable extraordinary and emotional look. The delicate brush guarantees volumised, tasty lashes that stays smear evidence throughout the day. 


  1. Adds moment volume to your lashes. 

  2. It thickens, extends and characterizes the eye lashes. 

  3. Coats lashes separately for false lash look with no amassing. 


Extra Information: Flaunting a glad 40-year-old Canadian legacy, Faces is an exceptionally effective beauty care products and skincare brand which has an elite line of cosmetics, skin and individual consideration items traversing variation skin tones over the globe. With its shifting shades, surface and plans, Faces Cosmetics suit each skin type and every one of their items are hypoallergenic, mercilessness free and comply with the most stringent quality and security necessities. 


Brush your upper lashes in a download movement and then recurrent the some with upward movement. Now, cover your lower lashes well with magnet eyes Mascara, magnet eyes Mascara is an ideal supplement to eyes fixed with magnet eyes kajal. 


Faces Magnet eyes Dramatic Volumizing Mascara arrives in a pretty paper outlet which contains the data about it and really, it is a red cylinder with a long implement wand. Likewise, the fibers are very soft that goes onto my lashes consummately and can achieve every single lash well. It even works pleasantly on lower lashes. 


Presently, it is a pleasant striking dark shade and it is incredible for lighter eyelashes. The shade is pigmented that right away concealment my lashes and make them decent characteristic dark. 


Mascara has a medium velvety consistency that floats easily onto the lashes and achieves longer to littler lashes similarly and gives an even impact to them. The consistency is smooth and it requires little investment to dry out appropriately however it never feels sketchy. As it has a wet recipe, it somewhat burdens my twists however certainly never makes them limp. Despite everything they look great yet not as the underlying twist. Additionally for this quality, I can layer it up pleasantly with no pulling. It never feels clumpy with a few coats. It doesn't feel overwhelming on lashes by any stretch of the imagination. The recipe characterizes my each lash pleasantly. It likewise gives incredible length to them that consequently upgrades my lashes. The recipe keeps my lashes adaptable and twist. It feels truly good on the eyes. 


The mascara adds great volume and length to the lashes which make the eyes look greater. By and large, the impact is exceptionally lovely for day by day employments. My lashes look longer and thicker that unquestionably upgrades my eyes. Additionally, this mascara remains long with no wreckage. It doesn't smear naturally yet on the off chance that I rub my eyes, it smudges. The mascara isn't waterproof, so it very well may be effectively washed with an ordinary face chemical. Presently, this is a master and con also. It can liquefy with water effectively and in the meantime, it is anything but difficult to clean. 


Pros of Faces Magnet eyes Dramatic Volumizing Mascara: 


  • Pretty bundling and reasonable
  • Long wand is anything but difficult to hold
  • Bristles achieve each lash effectively
  • Pigmented dark shade and effectively spread lashes
  • Creamy surface coasts easily
  • Defines lashes well and doesn't feel clumpy
  • Gives decent volume and length to lashes
  • Doesn't smirch consequently
  • Stays long and never look muddled
  • Easy to evacuate


Cons of Faces Magnet eyes Dramatic Volumizing Mascara: 


  • Not waterproof
  • Slightly overloads the twists
  • Takes time to dry out total

Frequently asked questions
What are the distinctive sorts of mascara?
Distinctive Formulas of Mascaras • Lengthening Mascara. Protracting mascara adds length to the current lashes. • Thickening/Volumizing Mascaras. • Curling Mascara. • Lash Defining Mascaras. • Non– Clumping Mascara. • Water Soluble/Regular and Water Proof/Water Resistant.
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What are the diverse kinds of mascara brushes?
The Different Types Of Mascara Wands Explained! • Classic mascara wand. The standard exemplary mascara wand is most likely a most loved of each mascara-adoring lady! • Tapered brush mascara wand. • Curved brush mascara wand. • Micro wand/5. • Micro wand. • Fat brush wand. Precision tip wand. • Ball wand/8.
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Which kind of mascara is ideal?
Whether you have fine lashes that need a little lift or short hairs that could utilize some additional length, there is mascara out there that can make them watch full and fanned-out.
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What is the best mascara for short eyelashes?
The 6 Best Mascaras for Short Lashes 1. Maybelline the Falsies Volume' Express Mascara. 2. The Best Mascara for Length. Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara. 3. The Best Mascara for Curl. 4. The Best Mascara for Volume. 5. The Best Mascara for Oily Eyelids. ... 6. The Best Waterproof Mascara for Short Lashes.
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How would I pick a mascara brush?
"Pick a 'twisting' recipe and brush to upgrade your normal length by including a little lift and twist to open up the eye. As you utilize your mascara, brush long lashes to the side, making a 'feline eye' without the requirement for fluid eyeliner.
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What is the best mascara?
The Best Mascara • Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Curling Mascara. Best Overall. • Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes. Best for Lengthening. • Benefit Cosmetics they’re Real! Protracting and Volumizing Mascara. ... • Maybelline Volume' Express: The Colossal Big Shot. Best Drugstore. • Maybelline Lash Sensational. ... • L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara.
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What is a mascara brush called?
Mascara is a corrective ordinarily used to improve the eyelashes. Ordinarily in one of three structures—fluid, cake, or cream—the advanced mascara item has different equations; be that as it may, most contain a similar essential segments of shades, oils, waxes, and additives.
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What is the best mascara for dainty lashes?
The Best Mascaras for Short and Limp Lashes Maybelline Great Lash Real Impact Mascara. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. Lancôme L'Extrême Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara.
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What is the best mascara for straight eyelashes?
Tubing mascaras are extraordinary for straight lashes since they're more rubbery than different recipes and, similar to waterproof mascaras, hold a twist better. Tubing mascara likewise doesn't smirch, which is extraordinary for short, straight lashes, since they're such a great amount of nearer to the touchy eye region.
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