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Buy ferrari men perfumes for men in India @ Limeroad

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Ferrari Perfumes For Men


About Ferrari


The most loved Italian car manufacturing brand was founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari. Ever since rolling out its first car in 1947, Ferrari's market expansion continued and, today it is represented in 59 different countries. After taking the world on a luxury drive with its cars, Ferrari has made its way into the fashion scene as well.


Ferrari now has an internally managed merchandising line that licenses many products bearing the Ferrari brand, including clothing, perfume, cologne, etc. There’s no doubting that they are the best at whatever they do. Proof ? Ferrari won the prize for "Best International Luxury Brand" at the Walpole Awards for Excellence 2012. LimeRoad is now home to Ferrari’s premium range of clothing and perfumes for men.

Signature scents


Ferrari has an exquisite range of perfumes. Give a refreshing start to your day with Ferrari’s signature black and red scents or light essence perfume, according to your needs. The collection features EDT (Eau de toilette) perfumes - which have 4-10% alcohol. Remember to spray a perfume only at pulse points - inside of your wrists or elbow, behind your ears, sides of your neck or behind your knee.

1999 was the launch of Ferrari`s first men`s cologne, Ferrari Black. A second perfumes, Ferrari No. 1, again a men`s cologne was released in 2001. Other fragrances followed such as Ferrari Black Shine, Ferrari Extreme, Ferrari Red and Ferrari Uomo among others. While a car built by Ferrari is out of reach for most people, owning a bottle of the brand`s cologne is attainable by most and is most definitely something from the luxury brand of which one can call their owe.


Designer Ferrari has 37 perfumes in their fragrance base.


These Are Some Of The Perfumes By Ferrari For Men Available On LimeRoad


1.   Ferrari Black 1999 for men

2.  Ferrari Extreme 2006 for men

3.  Ferrari Light Essence 2007 for men

4.  Ferrari No 1 2001 for men

5.  Ferrari passion Unlimited 2005 for men

6.  Ferrari Uomo 2009 for men

7.  Man in Red 2015 for men

8.  Racing 2003 for men

9.  Red Power 2012 for men

10.Red Power Ice 3 2015 for men

11. Red Power Intense 2014 for men

12.              Yellow 1997 for men

13.              Essence Collection Amber Essence 2015 for men

14.              Amber Essence (2016) 2016 for men

15.              Cedar Essence 2014 for men

16.              Essence Musk 2013 for men

17.              Essence Oud 2012 for men

18.              Ferrari Silver Essence 2012 for men

19.              Leather Essence 2013 for men

20.              Vetiver Essence 2014 for men

Race To The Finish With Ferrari Perfumes At LimeRoad

If you love speed, cars, bikes, and everything that vrooms, it’s time to indulge yourself in this luxury fashion brand; because Ferrari is here not just to up your speed quotient but your style quotient too. Remember to check back on LimeRoad to get your hands on the latest additions from the house of Ferrari.