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Buy Flasks Kitchen Storage For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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stainless steel reusable water bottle
₹ 999
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Water Water Everywhere Nor Any Drop To Drink. This can happen only if you are out somewhere without a flask. But since you are here, it is safe to assume that you want to be hydrated with clean safe drinking water at every time. But who are we to limit flask to water? Hot Coffee? Tea? Soup? Or let’s go cold with Juice, Cold Coffee etc. Then again there are flasks for home use. Whatever it is you might want to use a flask for, we at Limeroad are happy to guide you through it.


Cool And Hot


Flasks are great if you are hoping to get the hot tea hot and the cold water cold. Flasks try to maintain the temperature of liquid you pour in it without releasing any substance in it. It’s the thermal technique to keep your liquid as you like them to be.


Get A Fit For Your Budget


For the purpose of travel:

  • Flasks Under Rs. 500

Hot and Cold Assorted Vacuum Bottle With Cup From Dynore:

  • Flasks Under Rs 1k
  • Silver Stainless Steel bottle From Monet
  • Double Walled 500 ml flask From Sayee
  • Power Plus Double Walled 500 ml flask from Meenamart
  • Black Stainless Steel Bottle From Navkar Cp

Truth be told, this price range offers many flasks so we recommend applying the price filter to check out more flasks.


  • Flasks Under Rs. 1.2k

500 ml stainless steel vacuum bottle from Muhenera

Silver Stainless Steel 1.8 ltrs From Monet


For The Purpose Of Home Use:

  • Flask Under Rs 500

Nayasa Brown Flask

  • Flask Under Rs 1.2k

Nayasa Stainless Steel Flask

  • Flasks Under Rs 2.3k
  1. -Easy Power Flask Mug From Vagmi
  2. -Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flasks (1000 and 750ml)

Discount Alert!


A little heads up, these flasks are actually more than the category they are mentioned in if we talk about MRP but thanks to Limeroad, you can grab them at such affordable rates.


Colors Are In!


Most of the stainless steel flasks are metallic and hence silver but that's not the only color limeroad has to offer.


Gold: What are the colors that come to your mind when someone says metallic? Silver and Gold, right! Metallic Gold in Flasks is the new trend. Just take a look at Vacuum Sipper Flask Bottle 600ml from Sayee. You will know why it's becoming so popular.


Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red. It’s not easy to find such a metallic color. Although not when you are on limeroad. Navkar Cp offers these various colors at a good price.


White Washed: Alternatively you might not want any color to begin with. No color is equal to White! We mean, well if we are not being technical here then yes white is the canvas and some would say you can do pretty creative stuff like doodle and painting on your white flask or just write your name on it. You can basically customize it!


You know how else you can minimize the cost of your flasks? By getting LR gold membership which gives 15% on all your orders!