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Buy Fleece Quilts & Blankets For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Fleece Blankets


What is your idea of a blanket?


It is a large piece of soft cloth that is usually used for keeping oneself warm while lying down or sleeping. Exactly! The blankets are you dear friends in a cool weather as they trap the warmth that your body radiates instead of letting it dissipate in the air.


One such blanket is the fleece blanket which is also popular ‘Polar fleece’ or ‘microfleece’. These were created as an alternative to lightweight wool.


At Limeroad, you get choose from a wide range of fleece blankets in different colours, single and double bed sizes in plain colours as well as amazing and refreshing prints/designs.


These are truly light, gives you the feeling of feather softness and keep you warm at the same time without having any sense of stuffiness.


Many questions might be crossing your head while investing in a fleece blanket. But Limeroad assures you great prices and exciting sale offers without having to compromise with the quality.


All You Need To Know About Fleece Blankets


  • It is important that you take good care of the fleece blanket and maintain its good condition. This can be done by having it wash alone to prevent abrasion.
  • It is suggested that you wash it in cold or lukewarm water and use a gentle detergent on it so as to prevent pilling which may be caused by warm water.
  • The fleece blankets, like wool ones, are very warm. The fibres in this fuzzy. napped blanket help trap your body warmth.
  • The fleece fibre feels soft just like a cotton fibre would, mainly when it is new. It may accumulate lots of pills which can be avoided by brushing them once or twice every now and then so as to maintain their softness and also prevent it from shredding.
  • You have an option in choosing the material of the blanket. You may either choose the polyester fleece which is very soft and retains good heat or you may go for the cotton fleece which may feel coarser at first but soften as it ages with the passage of time.
  • The cotton fleece is more versatile for a temperate weather and allows your body to breath with ease and comfort.
  • Fleece blankets do not cost you fortunes! They are generally less expensive and provide incredible warmth.

The only task is to make the correct choice while buying the fleece blankets as per your requirements. The microfleece is a good option when you reside in areas that are in colder regions. It works very well when winters are at their heights. For people with any polyester, allergies are recommended to choose the cotton fleece blankets which are equally good at their work of maintaining warmth in the bed.


All you have to do is look down to the brand list at Limeroad for your ac/winter fleece blanket in different prints, floral, checks, solids, chevrons. Among many brands available following are a few to mention: Azaani, Elite Collection, Flossy, Home Candy, k decor Home, Wraps N Drapz.