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Buy Full Sleeves Gown For Girls in India @ Limeroad

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Full Sleeves Gown For Girls

All of the outfits would look amazing and beautiful on your little girl, but a gown would be absolutely perfect to enhance the grace she carries.


Gowns are typically floor length. Gowns are available in a variety of fabric starting from silk, satin, net, crepe, rayon, cotton, etc. Lining is an essential part of the gown to give it the style it deserves. They may have a lining on the upper and bottom part or the lining can be restricted just to the upper chest region. The fabric for the lining may be selected from muslin or satin depending on the overall fabric of the gown.

Gowns can be worn to various occasions, just restricting them to weddings isn't appropriate.

You can enhance you girl's wardrobe by adding some staple and extravagant pieces to it. Some staples may particularly include gowns for the Summer and Fall. The vibrant colors go totally with the taste of the spring and summer. Opt for cotton gowns, that are breathable and light for the summer season.


For a wedding or party gown go for something sheer and shiny. The net and satin combination is the heart for the ethnic or party wear gown. You can browse for such pieces on LimeRoad. Sleeves are an important part of the gown. They either break or make the look of the gown. Particularly sleeveless and full sleeves are popular among the gown arena. However, full sleeved gowns add an elegant touch to the overall ensemble.

There are some fabrics that are used for creating the sleeves. It may be the same as the material or of some other fabric that goes well with the look.


There are some different types of full sleeves that can help you enhance the outfit-

  • Butterfly sleeves- Butterfly sleeve is a lovely sleeve with a puff on top and at the hem
    slightly loose. It's basically a puffed sleeve but one that doesn't taper like the normal
    puffed sleeve and doesn't end up in a cuff. It looks very elegant and is usually coupled
    with low - cut gowns.
  • Angel sleeves- these are very long wide sleeve that usually hangs loose from the shoulder angle that is often used on gowns and robes.
  • Lantern sleeves- The lantern sleeve is a full, collected sleeve attached to a drop -
    shouldered garment ; it can be a long or short look of a sleeve. From jackets to dresses,
    it is seen on everything.
  • Bishop sleeves- These sleeves are a long full sleeve gathered on a wristband and adapted from the robe of a bishop.
  • Bell sleeves- A long sleeve mounted from shoulder to elbow and flared gently from the

The sleeves can be enhanced with various color combination of fabrics. Also add different designs to give it a more unique look. With ruffles, bows, sequins and lacy silhouettes, let your gorgeous girl make the most of every party this season. The party dresses, made with comfortable fabrics, will surely make her shine and we at LimeRoad will help you achieve the same.

Frequently asked questions
What are gowns?
A gown is a garment which is worn by women. It is usually a loose outer garment which stretches from knee to full length. In the modern times gowns are referred to as formal garments for the women. There are several different types of gowns available like nightgown and dressing gowns, ball gown, coronation gown, evening gown, wedding gown and bouffant gown.
1 answers
What are the different types of gowns available?
Gowns are one of most beautiful looking dresses for the girls. There are several different types of gowns available like nightgown and dressing gowns, ball gown, coronation gown, evening gown, wedding gown and bouffant gown. Gowns are a must in Christian weddings. Women of all ages look so elegant in gowns, especially young girls!
1 answers
What are the different materials used in making gowns?
Gowns are one of most beautiful looking dresses for the girls. These gowns comes in various type of sleeves with long sleeves, short sleeves, bracelet sleeves, raglan sleeves, elbow bishop sleeves. But gowns look the best with long sleeves. There are different types of materials which are used in gowns like satin, charmeuse, chiffon, lace, organza and tulle.
1 answers
Which are the brands which make some of the most beautiful long sleeve gowns?
There are some top designer companies which are known to make some of the most stylish gowns which are preferred by women all over the world. Some of brands known to make best designer gowns are Prada, Dior, Gucci, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana.The designer gowns differ in designs and pattern.
1 answers
What are the different colours available for long sleeve gowns?
Long sleeve gowns are one of the most beautiful style in gowns. These type of gowns makes the women stunning.There are many different colours that are found in gowns like black, white, light green, pink, red, purple, maroon and even there are several gowns which comes with various kinds of patterns and designs on them.
1 answers
How to choose the right long sleeve gown for the wedding?
Wedding is one of the most important day of a girl’s life. Choosing the right type of long sleeve gown for the big day is very important. Firstly all you need to do is to be confirm about your taste, you should always go for gowns which are a bit bigger in size than your usual dress size and you should get your wedding gown a few months earlier than your wedding day in order to avoid any last minute alterations.
1 answers
What are the names of some of the best long sleeve gowns?
Long sleeve gowns are a popular type of garment which are worn by royal bloods and celebrities all over the world.Some of the best long sleeve gowns which are often found adorned by celebrities and royals alike: DB Studio Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Lace Draped Gown Tadashi Shoji Esmaralda Gown Azazie Marlin BG Wedding Gown
1 answers
How to take care of long sleeve gowns?
Gowns are very delicate and thus needs to be taken extra care. Long sleeve gowns with light colours should not be washed with dark colour clothes as it can get stained. Good quality long sleeve gowns should be purchased so that they lasts long and do not start showing any frays.
1 answers
What can you tag along with long sleeve gowns?
You should be very intricately picking the right accessories to be tagged with your gowns as gowns are a very delicate and classy type of garment for the women. If you are going for a light coloured gown then you can add some touch of brightness to it in form of a bright neckline accessory along with a fine stilettos.
1 answers
Where do you get to buy the best long sleeve gowns online?
Gowns are also available online in various shopping sites. Limeroad has some stunning collection in long sleeve gowns which will surely gonna make you glow and let you be the star of the night. These long sleeve gowns available on Limeroad a for discounted price which is much less in comparison to their original price.
1 answers