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Buy Georgette Suits & Dress Material For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Georgette Suits

Georgette is your best friend if you love to rock luxurious suits and regal jewellery. With its crepe-like texture and its unusual strength when compared to other fabrics, it is widely favoured for springy and lively gowns and dresses. The tendency of the fabric to drape very well makes it an apt choice for many women who love the soft, regal yet comfortable look.

Initially introduced by a French dressmaker, back in the twentieth century, Georgette is a light-weight, crinkled and sheer fabric, displaying an overall bouncy look. It gives out a ‘crushed’ appearance, much desired as it gives a flattering appearance to a person’s frame.

The Beauty Of Georgette Suits

Georgette Suits are an excellent addition to your suits closet because of their pretty and flowing appearance while also opaque enough to make you feel comfortable, the entire time. If you want a suit that clings to your frame but also gives the bouncy look of a gown, Georgette Suits should be your go-to choice. These suits are light-weight and easy to handle; whether you want something edgy and pretty for daily office wear or manage an entire family wedding while also looking festive, georgette suits can be your best friend.

Owing to their sheer diversity in available designs, Georgette Suits can be paired from minimal or no jewellery to a pair of statement earrings. Whatever your style is, you cannot go wrong with a georgette suit.

LimeRoad offers you a diversified range of Georgette Suits picked by our designers to suit your mood, comfort, and occasion. From designer suits to casual wear, head on to our website to pick your choice of a Georgette Suit on a delectable price.


Though Georgette is considered a stronger material than Chiffon, it is still advisable to follow special care while washing. Some key methods that can be followed include:-

Hand Wash

  • Usage of a very light detergent.
  • Air drying is apt as over-exposure to sunlight often causes the fabric to lose its colour.