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Givenchy Perfumes For Men

Since its launch in 1952, Givenchy has gone on to be a highly recognised global brand and one of the biggest in the Beauty market due to the wealth of knowledge and expertise in haute couture, clothing, cosmetics and of course fragrances.

The Brand

One of the leading purveyors of contemporary luxury items, Givenchy has a line of perfumes that is an extension of the Givenchy product line . Givenchy products are known for their refined designs enlivened with a touch of fantasy and epitomizing the ultimate in international chic.

Today, Givenchy cologne and Givenchy perfume continue to be popular fragrance choices for many. The brand's popularity is reflected by the number of perfumes and colognes offered by Givenchy. Men who are interested in Givenchy cologne will conveniently find all of the brand's products for men on this page under the heading “Men's Givenchy.”

Tour the opulent side of you.

Collections of Givenchy Perfumes

Pi cologne - Pi for men is the fragrance to use for any important night out. This fragrance gives you an alluring and seductive scent.

It is just what you need to feel attractive, clean and confident throughout the night. Its carefully blended notes of rosemary, basil, tarragon, neroli and herbs produce a woody but sensual masculine fragrance that lasts the entire evening, making it the perfect touch for a romantic date.

Gentleman Cologne- Expertly created with a blend of patchouli, leather, honey, oakmoss and civet, this musky, spicy scent packs a bold punch, making it perfect for evening and romantic wear. This alluring moderate-to-heavy fragrance will linger on your skin for hours.

Givenchy Play Cologne-  Givenchy Play is a crisp, fresh fragrance for men.The masculine combination of notes include bergamot, mandarin orange, amyris wood, black pepper and coffee flower.

This unique mix of citrus and spice is the ultimate finishing touch to the trendy cosmopolitan ensembles you wear that make you a contemporary fashion plate. Splash it on before leaving the house to help you face the day with new vim, vigor and vitality.

Insense Ultramarine Cologne. The Givenchy stamp of excellence extends to the brand's fragrance collection.This refreshing scent inspired a popular line of Insense Ultramarine variants.

Own the exhilarating original, starring an enticing blend of deliciously diverse fruit essences of richly sweet black currant, tart bergamot citrus and mouth-watering watermelon.


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Find a unique fragrance to reflect the dignified emotions in you. Feel and savour the fancy fragrances with the Givenchy collections.