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Buy Glass Bangles for women in India @ Limeroad

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Glass Bangles

Glass bangles are an important part of Indian culture, the bangles that newly-wed brides in India wear are often made of glass and they are said to be auspicious. These bangles are a part of the sixteen ornaments a bride wears. Did you know that Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, is India’s largest producer of bangles? Glass bangles are rooted in India’s tradition, but can also be paired with western outfits for a new look.


Glass bangles are available in myriad colours, and are known for their vibrant hues. They are sold in multi-coloured sets or single coloured sets, and look very flattering on traditional outfits. They are sold in various sizes, whether thin or chunky, and are either plain or embellished with gold or silver accents. The safest way to wear these bangles are with traditional wear, as they have been worn with ethnic clothes for decades. However, fashion is all about evolving, and therefore, there is much scope to experiment with these bangles. If you want to give glass bangles a try, here are a few from Limeroad:

  • Orange Glass Bangle by Lakshya: These bangles have a beautiful fiery orange hue that will add a pop of colour to any outfit. Wear them with a white kurta and jeans for an Indo-Western look or with a blue kurta and churidar combination for a look that will turn heads.
  • Multi Glass Bangle by Lakshya: These unembellished bangles come in a colourful set that can match all your outfits. Pair these chunky bangles with a white or pastel shirt and ripped skinny jeans with platform shoes for a clean look with a twist.
  • Purple Glass Bangle by Lakshya: These lovely bangles have a more modern turquoise colour with gold accents. Wear them with a pastel yellow dress for a surprising infusion of colour.

How To Style Them?

There are many ways to style glass bangles and draw attention to your hands. Bangles can also be worn with silver rings. The fact that glass bangles are colourful means that they can add new life to a colourless outfit or they can even make an already lively outfit even livelier. If you love colour, you can wear glass bangles with colourful clothes and/or printed clothes to make a very vivacious look, suitable if you need ideas for what to wear to your next party.

If you are not a fan of colour and you fear going overboard, worry not! You too can style glass bangles without looking like a rainbow, just use it to add a colour in parts to you outfit. If you like mismatching jewellery, you can try wearing glass bangles with earrings of another colour that pair well with it and keep the rest of your outfit plain to add some quirk to it. If you want to get glass bangles, go to Limeroad and browse our extensive range of bangles!