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Buy Glass Dinner Set For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Glass Dinner Set

Dining room is the only place in the home where family get to sit together for breakfast, lunch and dinner and bond with each other. So there should be something special which makes this food more special to eat. The only thing which can makes this food more special is the way the food is served. It must be served with some style. For this it is very important that we must have a good and well furnished collection of crockery set to make this food more special.


If you are  thinking about crockery, then dinner set is the only one thing that comes to one’s mind as it consists of all the things that is required to serve the food.


In Trend - Glass Dinner Sets


In today’s recent trends, there are large varieties of dinner sets which have come to the market that can actually help us to serve our food in more stylish and fashionable way. Some of these varieties of dinner sets are glass dinner set, melamine dinner set , ceramic dinner set, bone china dinner set and many others. When food is served in these sets then it makes the taste of food more delicious and special for us to eat. One such dinner set that is very much in trend is the glass dinner set.


The Variety Of The Collection


Glass dinner sets have recently come in the market and have become very much famous. As the name itself suggest that these dinner sets are made up of glasses and have beautiful designs and are very much delicate and thus must be handled with care as they can be broken easily. These glass dinner sets are the collection of various glass plated, cutlery and glass bowl which looks extremely beautiful, stylish and fashionable when food is served in them. Also there are various patterns and designs which we can find on these glass dinnerware in the market which enhance the look of its serving plates and cutleries.


Glass dinner sets are also heavy in weight and mostly transparent. They are mostly used when someone special or any guest comes in home. This type of dinner set cannot be used regularly as they need lot of care to be handled. These glass dinner sets looks very much different and unique if we compare them with other dining ware options as they can be transparent or multi-colour but we cannot choose to have our favourite pattern and design on them. These glass dishwares shows the lavish lifestyle of the people who have them in their home.


There are also multi-colour glass dinner sets which have recently come in the market and are very much in trend. When painted with different colours these glass dishes plates and cutleries looks extremely beautiful and elegant from any other serving dinner sets. These multi colour glass dinner set can give a colourful and hence unique, simple, stylish and elegant look to anybody kitchen. Also these multi colour glass have clear cut designs in them which gives them shiny and embellished look. These glassware dinner sets looks extremely beautiful and gorgeous when added to the collection of home kitchenware and makes our kitchen looks more royal and stylish as per the modern furnished kitchen.


Shop From LimeRoad


So if anyone of you are planning to buy any dinner set for your kitchen then you just don’t need to go anywhere outside to buy these exclusive dishware from any offline store. You can just sit at your place and choose from the large varieties of these dinner sets collection only from the Limeroad. Limeroad has unique and beautiful collection of these dinner set . So just stop thinking so much and start shopping for a unique yet stylish dinner set for your home to make your food more delicious and special for eating.

Frequently asked questions
What is a dinner set?
A dinner set is a collection of plates,cutlery ,bowls and spoons for serving a meal to several people at one time. They are mostly used to serve breakfast,lunch and dinner. When food is served on these dinner set then it just make the food to serve in more stylish and elegant way.
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What are the different types of dinner sets available in the market?
There are large varieties of dinner set which are now available in the market. Some of these categories of dinner sets based on their material are glass dinner set, melamine dinner set and glass dinner set. All of them looks extremely beautiful and elegant but each one of them are different from one another based on their way of making and material used to made them.
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Are glass dinner sets breakable?
Every dinner set such as glass dinner set need to be handle with care otherwise they can break. Once broken they cannot be used again and become useless for us to use. So always try to keep these glass dinner sets away from the heat as they can get scratch and could break if kept near heat.
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What is the safest material for dinnerware to be chosen?
The safest material for dinnerware which one can choose for its home and for regular use is the stainless steel dinner set. They are made up of steel and does not even break easily. They are used in most of the homes and people love to eat in this type of dinner set as food remains hot for long time when served using it.
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Can glass utensils be used in microwave?
Yes, there are many glass utensils which are not so thin and can be used in the microwave. Also there are glass bowls and other glass dishes in the market which are transparent and marked as heatproof and thus safe for the microwave to heat our food.
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Can glass utensils be recycled?
There are various glass utensils in the market which are recycled from the old broken glass materials and can be recycled and then re-use. These recycle glass dinner set have simple clean lines and look extremely classy and clean. These glass utensils add to the right amount of finest serving collection in our kitchen.
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Which type of dinnerware is more durable?
The most strongest and durable dinnerware is ceramic dinnerware as any stain of dishes in this type of dinnerware can be easily wash and they are also safe when used in microwave and oven. Thus these dinnerware utensils can serve us for two purpose basically to cook food and also to store it.
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How many pieces are there in a glass dinner set?
A basic glass dinner set is generally consist of 19 pieces in a set. The set consist of 6 large plates, 6 small plates , 6 soup serving bowls and 2 bowls and one large dish serving rice plate. Also,there are 2 serving Carchi with bowls to serve the food.
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Do glass dinner set come with warranty if we buy them online?
A glass once broken cannot be re-used by us to make some materials. It must be thrown outside. Hence if broken these glass dinnerware does not cover under any warranty. We must take care and handle this type of dinner set with care as they can even harm our skin or hand if it get broken.
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Are glass dinnerwares expensive?
Glass dinnerware are little bit expensive when compared to other dinner sets as they can give luxurious, royal and glamorous look to any kitchen. Also they need a lot of care to handle and thus are little expensive. But if we try these glass dinnerware online from any site then we might get a glassware suiting to our price and need.
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