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Buy Gold Bracelets For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Gold Bracelets For Men


Gold bracelets have become a favoured form of solitaire for the modern day men. Replacing the traditional hand bands, bracelets have found their way to men’s ornaments collections and so on. At Limeroad, we cater the desired solitaire needs of men by offering an efficacious collection of gold bracelet designs.


The ardent incitement of men reflects through their elegant styling. The mirror reflection of men gets incorporated as part of their accessories. Relative to the historical attributes of Egyptian men who use various type of metals, bones and stone jewellery to adorn themselves. The modern-day folks replace the old used material to an exciting self-decoration range, consisting of valuable metals like gold, platinum, and silver men’s bracelets. Men are fond of their accessories and love showing their physical feature by flaunting their accessories. Bracelets add an extra oomph to their personality showcasing their classic side.


The Evolving Pattern


Men’s fashion ornaments have changed the old historical cocoon, and they have slipped into eminent position among global fashion passionates. You can browse for gold chains, men’s bracelets, studs and pendants in the leading fashion accessory online store. Men always like to carry traditional touch on their bracelets, because these reflect the classy and the ardent. All men out there, you can experiment with those brazen bracelets, scroll through the defiant range of men’s accessory at, the fashion-forward store.

Buy Men's Gold Bracelets Online


You can choose the Stalwart Bracelet for the man of your life. It is designed with gold and engraved with diamonds. This is one of the finest men’s gold bracelets available on Limeroad, It can be an excellent option for your husband. We have a collection of men’s gold bracelets which are created from a religious perspective. To express your prayer to God, you can wrap the Bethany gold Bracelet which has a cross carved with diamond.


Bracelet Designs For Men, Be An Exceptional Lad This Way!


  1. Pure gold bracelet- no textures: a plain, regular, sober and sleek gold bracelet with one clasp and not detachable. Suited well with daily formal wear and for formal environments. Often goes well with long sleeves shirts but can be paired with t-shirts as well.
  2. Indian design gold bracelet- the most common and widely available bracelet, Indian design gold bracelets are really lavish and sophisticated. Designed taking Indian taste in mind these are well purposed for Indian weddings and festive parties.
  3. Gold- diamond bracelet- with this blend of bracelets, you will look really suave. This bracelet comes with diamond studded in a gold-plated bracelet and is available in a braided and simple form. It can be paired in weddings or reception events if it is of thick cord, the sleek chain goes well with informal days.
  4. Gold bracelet with leather strap- this a perfect bracelet for adults in young age who wants to display both swag and sophistication. The more than half leather bracelet with a gold belt as a clasp, is a rare combination and looks really stylish when worn with t-shirts or any casual menswear.
  5. Silver- gold bracelet- both casual and formal bracelet, this melange of silver and gold bracelet is an absolute band to be worn in house parties and corporate environments. With twisted cords of silver and gold, this bracelet looks suave and is the choice of many adults.

Men's gold bracelets are some mundane polished, and refined bracelets that adds just a pinch of luxurious poise to your everyday look. Avoid big bling and look for sleek bracelets made of good-quality metals and nice cord to wear up anything in your closet, without being look overpowered.

Frequently asked questions
How to wear gold bracelets without overpowering the look?
Gold bracelets are a part of formal menswear however choosing the right band could be iffy for most of the men. You should always wear bracelets of your size rather wearing one which are losing out of the wrist. Don’t go for big cord and thick cuffs as they will usually defeat the look of your outfit and overpower the accessory.
1 answers
What are the best outfits to match with gold bracelets?
From formal outfits to casual menswear, gold bracelets works really well with both types of clothing. There are certain designs which makes a distinctive look when worn in different styles. The plain gold bracelet- works well for both casual and formal events, the sleek thin corded metal bracelet is absolutely suave The broad gold bracelet- a single solid metal band often work on regular basis, looks well in weddings and formal ceremonies. Gold-diamond braided bracelet- this is a half and half Bracelet and look good in any type of outfit provided that it's should be thin cord.
1 answers
How we can shorten the gold bracelet?
While choosing the bracelet might be an easy task, but alternating them could be quite tough. For shortening your gold bracelet you need to visit the sonaar, giving him the appropriate size and then will cut it and fix it by plating it accordingly
1 answers
Are men's bracelets in style?
With the changing fashion trend the style of handwear for men's has slightly changed, but they are still in fashion. Now they are more sophisticated and of rich taste. All you have to choose the perfect simple sleek bracelet. Avoid multiple studs and go to thin cord.
1 answers
How to measure men's bracelet size?
These are few guidelines to find an Accurate men Bracelet Siz, follow the steps below. 1. Measure your size below the wrist bone, use a bracelet gauge to determine your wrist size. This is where you normally wear it. At home, you can use a measuring tape (flexible) or a strip of sheet . 3. To find the the accurate bracelet size, just increase the wrist size by the increment below, depends on what measurements you want.
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Where to buy men's gold bracelets?
Well, This is easiest thing you can do by just sitting at home, just click, swipe and pick. The best and authentic gold bracelet with hundred of designs, shop at, Get it delivered at home. Along this get a expert at our site to help for perfect size, design and idea for your personality.
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Where did bracelet come from?
The bracelet history dates back when the Persian people have wooden, stone accessory to be worn as necklace and bracelets. The idea originated when kings started wearing gold jewellery and bangles. Then the artisans of different cultures used their techniques and skills to the bracelet designs still worn today. This history chapter starts with a old definition: "Bracelet" a English word, derived from the Latin word "brachium," which means "arm."
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What is the price of men's golden bracelets?
With classic and unique design for everyone, the price range of the men gold bracelets ranges from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 2,50,000, depending upon style you choose. The bracelet by Limeroad are available in gold, yellow gold, white gold, studded diamond, American diamond gold rose gold and single-tone gold versions.
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Do gold bracelet get tarnish?
Gold have the tendency to get oxidize but this will not happen very easily. It is because of this gold makes superior accessory to embellish. If a gold jewelry is showing signs of tarnish, then it is might be gold plated but perhaps not pure gold. Rusting occurs when the metal is not pure. Being one of the least reactive chemical compound, Gold alone or pure gold does not get blend with oxygen, it doesn't loses it shine and stays gleamy for long. The higher and authentic the karat of a gold accessory, it is less likely to get rusted.
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