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Buy Gold Chronograph Watch for Men in India @ Limeroad

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Gold Chronograph Watch for Men


Gold is the King of all colours given its shine and pairing ability with all other colours. Talk of Royalty, the first thing that comes to mind is gold.


Chronograph watches are stopwatches, timers. They have 2 to 3 pusher buttons to start, stop and reset timers. All this while your clock ticks undisturbed. Usually, a chronograph watch has 2 or 3 subdials that measure elapsed time in hours, minutes and seconds. Although chronographs were initially made for astronomical purposes and later adopted by Sports and race world, today they top even the royal design elements.


If you have ever looked at a golden chronograph watch and didn't say Wah!, then you sure are on your way to attain salvation. No art appreciating eye can miss appreciating a gold chronograph watch. Let us break down the best golden chronograph watch models to see what they offer and what to look for when buying one.


Titan Analog Gold Dial Men's Watch

A quartz analogue watch made of gold plated stainless steel has a round dial. A black coloured bezel adds stability to the freely glowing golden shine. The 12th hour is written in the Roman letter while the remaining 11 hours are represented by gold-coated pointers. The 3 subdials carry dates of a month, days of a week and an image. So though it has the looks of a chronograph. It performs none of its functions. Its price range hovers around Rs 10000. If brand quality and classic aesthetics are your choices, definitely consider this. If you are in need of functional chronograph, don’t worry. This range offers a lot more alternatives.


Michael Kors Brecken Chronograph Watch

Black dial with a gold coated stainless steel case and strap masters the concept of emphasis. The hour numbers are irregularly marked in roman letters to accommodate 3 subdials that measure 24 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds. Royalty and sporty are the two breathing features of this masterpiece. Choose a royal western wear and don’t think twice before darning this around your wrist. It stands slightly higher at price zone Rs 20000.


Michael Kors Rose gold chronograph watch

Rose gold brings a playful twist to this 3 linked bracelet style watch. The Sapphire blue dial enclosed in rose gold case adds style to this ‘watch fashion’ front-runner. One distinctive feature is chronographs are not divided into enclosed layers but just differentiated with light blue demarcations, making this dial clutter free.  


LimeRoad also offers budget choices through brands like Shunya, Golden Bell, GIO, Timex etc. Designs include concentric circles of stone embellishments around the dial, scratch pattern, smooth curved dial finish etc. Gold Chronograph watches are available in combination with other classic metallic hues like silver, bronze, rusty etc. Gold coloured watches go well with traditional Indian attire, Western Party wear and also with formal wear. Price range expands to extremes ranging from Rs 280 to Rs 25000. Yes, you have a desire to buy, then sure you have an option here. Almost all brands offer a warranty of 2 years. Make use of the discounts offered for digital payments and easy purchase facility to exploit the online watch mines.