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Buy Gold Shirts For Men And Women in India @ Limeroad

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Gold Shirts For Men And Women

A gold shirt is a statement garment in itself and can light up the environment, but in a subtle, classy way that states you and your fashion sense. A shirt is a most important outfit for men and women these days.


On LimeRoad, gold shirts are available in a variety of fits, fabrics, and designs. The gold shirt is a trend these days and not everyone can carry off a golden shirt easily, but there are many styles to choose from as per very kind of fashion quotients. The perfect color of gold with the fabric fit will make a person look stylish and attractive.

Latest Gold Shirt Trends

  1. Dull gold shirt for men: These are available in fabrics like cotton, linen or silk and are not very shiny but in a dull shade of gold color. these are pretty popular for ethnic dressing looks and goes well with trousers and classic jeans styles. Silk gold shirts are also very popular in South India and is a wedding attire for grooms, worn with golden bordered off-white or white dhotis.
  2. Gold chiffon shirt for Women: This lightweight gold shirt is perfect for summer. The material chiffon is lightweight, and gives a very good fall when worn with jeans or trousers and can be worn as a formal outfit. This rough gold shirt can also be paired with skirts for a stunning casual summery look.
  3. Gold formal shirt: Every formal wardrobe consists of shirts in a variety of different colors. Gold shirt is also a great color choice for formal shirts. The classic light shaded gold shirt with a slight hint of copper looks classic when paired with a white business suit or just white or black trousers.
  4. Satin gold shirt: This offbeat style of gold shirt reflects a shade of copper golden color and a perfect pick for a party occasion. Satin gold shirt has a natural luster, and the appealing gold color makes it even more appealing. The shirt made in the silky satin fabric gives the shine to the shirt which can make you the point of attention. These can be paired with black trousers and minimal accessories such a classic watch.
  5. Sequined gold shirt for women: For a party look, when in doubt gold is the safest color to go with. A stylish gold shirt with gold sequins, either all over or in patches forming beautiful designs are one of the trendy party looks. Pair it with shorts of black tights with statement gold jewelry to complement the gold shirt for a show-stopper style.


Gold shirts made in any fabric, such as silk, chiffon, cotton, satin, linen, look stylish and flexible enough to incorporate for multiple outfit ideas. This color shirt is very attractive and looks good on every skin tone and reflects style and elegance. Gold shirts can be worn for a variety of occasion such as formal, festive, casual, party or regular. Go through the huge variety of gold shirts available on LimeRoad for every occasion and look you want to create.