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Buy gold shirts for women in India @ Limeroad

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Gold Shirt For Women

We don't usually think of gold when it comes to shirts for women, now do we? But you would be surprised to know how much unique yet classy a gold shirt would be for any women whatever the occasion might be.


One might say gold and you might instantly think of shimmer and glitter gold but gold exist in the solid color and it's beautiful. Gold Shirts too, can’t be labelled any particular type. There are many good ones out there in many styles.

In The Times Of Parties


hile parties favourite might be black, we all fancy about wearing gold in parties. Although we do worry about getting it wrong. Most of us consider it a risky fashion statement. But pair it right and you are the talk of the party in the best way possible.


A gold shirt like Gold Georgette Shirt From Cattleya would be perfect for any party.


  • We recommend that you pair it with black or white jeans. You might think why such different color suggestions but here we are trying to neutralize and let the gold shirt shine at the same time so white or black would work perfectly.
  • A Lip gloss would be wonderful spark.
  • As this particular shit is sleeveless we can do a lot with accessories like bangles and bracelets.
  • Hoop earrings to go with the boldness of gold shirt.
  • Shoes are important. You can choose a pump or any any heel in the color of gold or beige. Now that your look is complete. It’s time to get to the party and rock it!

For The Love Of Work


Gold ? Work ? Does that even go together ? Well the answer to that is yes it does. Blue, black, red, green etc are just the category of colors. There are so many sub categories and shades to go by. There should be no surprise that you can find a gold shade for your work too!


Let’s talk about how to pair your gold shirt for the work day. Gold Cotton Regular Shirt From P Nut Casuals is a good example of a gold shade you can wear in work hours. It’s not a in your face color but still gives a unique look. Just might be something to wear in board meetings or important work days.


  • Pair it up with a pencil skirt, be it navy blue, black, dark green.
  • You can also go with dark colored palazzos or pants. But do not choose pattern or prints.
  • Go for stud earnings and brown or red lipstick.
  • Go with any formal shoes as long as it’s not gold or beige or any color alike.

Let’s Be Casual


It’s all in your way of styling. You can style these same shirt casually. Just go with trouser or your denim jeans, you can be ready or college or any casual hangout. Since it’s casual you can be creative in choosing what and what not to wear. So listen to your heart, go with something you love. Just not go with any bold gold shade because that would nullify the casual look you were looking for.


The shirts mentioned are available on limeroad, you might search for more such gold shirts in the women’s category on the website or app!