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golden spoons

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Golden Spoons

Gold has always been considered auspicious amd opportune to everyone's lives and health. The history ways back to a time when it was a symbol of wealth and power. Gold plated and even gold utensils were used by the royalty marking and embracing their supremacy.


Spoons on the other hand are the basic household item which if given a thought upon also amplifies your dining experience. Bringing back that time with a twist, golden spoons are a trend these days to mark the elegance and poise while enjoying their meal everyday.

These golden spoons are available on LimeRoad under different categories which goes on like:

  • Teaspoon: This is a mini spoon may be used to adding sugar, tea , spices or eating curd, yoghurt and food specifically from a container or a plate.
  • Tablespoon: This is a large spoon used for eating as well as serving. They are bigger than a teaspoon but vary in a range of size itself.
  • Soupspoon: This is a round deep spoon may be used to have soup and other liquid gravy items on the menu.
  • Dessert Spoon: This is a kind of table spoon specifically designed and dedicated for dessert items.
  • Long Drink Spoon: This is designed with long handles is specifically used and carved for drinks and mocktails served in big or elongated glasses to mix the content thoroughly as the usual spoon might drown in the container because of it's small size.

Varying in the set count, it is available in a set of as low as 2 pieces per set to as much as 24 pieces per set with some of the very popular kitchenware brands like Handicrafts Paradise, mullich and shapes. These spoons are also carved with designs making it one of the best sellers available at the most affordable price.


These golden spoons are made up of stainless steel- a unique category in the range of steel which is corrosion free and does not rust or stain when in contact with air and water. It is also easy to maintain, light in weight and shiny making it to be the best choice for production of any utensils specially spoons. Also with the addition of other elements like nickel, nitrogen and molybdenum the quality and the ability to resist corrosion increases. Also it is easy to machine thereby giving a finished look to the carving done it. Also, it is available in different sizes from 1.2X2.8X9.4 to 8X6X4 and to freesize.


Each and every piece is designed looking upon the factors like sturdy and durability along with design and look. They are meant to last long on your table creating a statement and adding a kink of urbanity to your scrumptious meal.


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