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Gowns For Girls


Girls are the most beautiful creation of God and they look more beautiful when they carry the Indian and western both attire. Gown is one of the most elegant and traditional outfits that is followed in the western culture too. The craze of wearing Gown is totally commendable among the young girls.


Gown is the most vibrant cultural form of dress and it is elegant and at the same time adds class to the gathering. There are enormous ways in which you can wrap a Gown. Front Gown, mumtaz style, lehenga style and so on.


Like every other dress, even if Gown is worn properly it is the outfit that you must add to your wardrobe.

A New Fashion Statement


Earlier there was a culture where the unmarried girls used to wear Gown. It was there daily wear and even for the parties and functions they used to wear the Gowns only. The variety in Gown differ according to the Occasion and the festivities.


Now a day there is complete change in trend where the married women also wear Gown in different Occasions, be it there get together, festivals, or the special events.


The girls are now trendy and the Limeroad brings exclusive collection of Gowns. The vibrant colors and elegant work on the Gowns is so neatly done that it is favourite among girls.

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Frequently asked questions
What are gowns?
A gown is a formal dress for women worn by them on some special day like on her engagement ceremony or any other auspicious day. This dress can just make her feel like princess like cinderella and thus can bring a smile on her face by giving her a beautiful and elegant look.
1 answers
What are different types of gowns available in today’s trend?
There are many types of gowns which are available in today’s new trend. Some of these types of the gowns for women are ball gown, mermaid gown, empire waist gown, A-line gowns, modified A-line gowns and many more are also available.
1 answers
What are ball gowns?
Ball gown is timeless. It has been in the fashion trend from the times of the cinderella and every women loves to wear this gown. This type of gown dress fits the body shape till waist and from the waist it just flares like a skirt and give a princess look to a woman.
1 answers
What are mermaid gowns?
Mermaid gowns are yet another style of gown . This type of gown fits the body shape till knee and then tapers like a skirt. This type of gown gives a perfect shape of women body and hence this gown is considered as a good option to choose for hourglass shaped women or women with pear shaped body structure.
1 answers
What are empire waist gown?
Empire waist gown are type of gown which consists of a high waistline and can hide the tummy part of a woman completely. This type of gown perfectly suits women with any body types. These type of gown looks extremely trendy and gives a royal look to the woman who wears it.
1 answers
Are there are jacket gown also available in market?
Yes there are jacket gowns also available in modern trend. This type of gown can also be worn during winter season and can be choice for most of the brides getting married in winter season to wear it in their reception or engagement ceremony. This type of gown can add heavy look to woman by adding one more fabric in the form of jacket in addition to the gown.
1 answers
What are different ways in which we can use these gowns?
here are different ways in which these gowns can be used. Some of these ways are as follows :- ● Most of the women do not wish to repeat their dress in any other party if she has already worn that dress in one party. In such case one can make use of this gown dress in many other ways also. Like if a woman has a white colour gown with herself then she might get this gown colour or dye with her favourite colour. ● Another way in which she can re-use this gown is that she can make use of this gown by wearing it in fun photoshoots. Nowadays we can see woman wearing these gown not only even in night parties but also their pre-wedding shoots. ● Another way to make use of this gown is to make it as a frock if you do not wish to wear it more and then you can give this gown to any girl who wish to wear it. ● A woman can even convert it into a long suit dress with flares and matching it with a suiting dupatta.
1 answers
Can we make a gown out of Saree?
Saree gown are new in the modern trend and they are the best and ultimate substitutes for saree. This type of gown are straight with drapes in it. This gown can be considered as a perfect fusion for both western and traditional look. It gives a perfect and unique traditional look to the woman who wears it. This gown look extremely pretty on women when she worn it with matching jewellery.
1 answers
What are draped gowns?
Draped gown give drape look to the dress. This style of gown dress looks very stylish and unique when a woman worn this gown. The drapes in this gown can give a heavy look to the woman who wear this dress. This type of gown is just perfect for women with any body type.
1 answers
Can we return these gown if we buy them online and does not like it?
We have always worked towards keeping our policies customer friendly and convenient. The easy return policy allows you to try any product you want without any hesitation. You can return it within ten days if you don’t like it or if you find that your product is not as per your expectations. In this case, the money is refunded and our delivery partner will come up to pick up the returned item at your doorstep.
1 answers