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Buy Green Belts For Women in India @ Limeroad

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women elastic braided stretchable green belt
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Green Belts For Women


How would one style a green belt into their attire? Well, here’s a solution for one and all. Green isn’t an orthodox colour and can be worn easily. Limeroad provides a solution in terms of a different range of colours, width and desired brands.


For belts, one should not try to match them with shoes because that would be too loud to be handled in an attire. Any blue outfit with tan footwear and belt is an indication of “hey, look at me’ which would not be the thing you want. Therefore, while dressing up you would want elegance as well as subtlety.


Matching the green belt should be easy and only when it makes sense with the outfit.


Similarly, there are some do’s and don’ts while pairing it with your outfit which will help you to carry it in a sober way and not the one that shouts out loud to other people.


Styling The Green Belt


A good belt can complete the look of your outfit, but forcing it into your outfit can be a complete mess too. You cannot just wear the belt with anything you feel like. Adding green belt into the fit-


  • The very basic use of the belt falls on the waist where the hooks of our jeans and trousers hold the belt. This works in both fashion and comfort sense. The perfect fit will be with the denim and the white to name a few.
  • Yet another trendy look that is popular and followed extensively is tying it around the high waist or mid waist with a one-piece dress.
  • The green belt would fit gorgeously around the ankle length palazzo in a match with different colours.

Shades Of Green


There is end number of colour options and to state a few are:


  • Green
  • Lime
  • Fern
  • Olive
  • Emerald
  • Pistachio
  • Pear
  • Leaf
  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Seafoam
  • Pine
  • Pickl
  • Moss

The Wise Advice


Who would want to get a fool made out of oneself? Thus, it is suggested to thoughtfully contrast the belt with the outfit.


  • A wide dark green belt would help the mild colour of the denim jeans pop out with a white t-shirt on the top.
  • The slim belt of mint colour beautifully contrasts with a dark green colour jeans, trousers and shorts.
  • On any tan and beige colour outfit, the moss belt of leather material will fit perfectly.
  • Off-white and white shades will enhance the dark as well as light green shades with pure grace.
  • Other colours that will bring the green shades out perfectly in an attire are black, red, pink, golden and shades of grey.
  • The sea shades will effectively enhance the dark green shades.

Various Types Of Green Belts To Choose From


  • Narrow leather belt
  • Stretch elastic belt
  • Elastic braided stretch belt
  • Skinny thin waist belt
  • Wide belt
  • Woven tassel belt
  • Silicon Leather Rubber belt
  • Canvas web belt
  • Sash belt

Limeroad provides with a range of brands to choose from such as Aditi Wasan, ANTIFORMAL, Baluchi, Design Villa, DIOVANNI, Exotique, Jajv, Purpulicious, Van Heusen, YES TEN and many more.