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green lipstick for women

Green Lipstick

Green lipstick. Have you ever worn a green lipstick? Or thought about it? Although so many color has been become slowly from crazy to acceptable in the world of lipstick. So you see that the trend that just seen on runways or on celebrities today can become a staple thing of future.

Imagine green lipstick become a trend later and you wore it before everyone. Now that would be something,right?  Limeroad appreciates creativity.

Green, A Lipstick?

The first time green lipstick become a hit is when it went metallic. Metallic lipsticks are a huge thing in itself so there was no stopping from experimenting different metallic colors and green became one of them.


But if you ask someone right now who or what do they associate green lipstick with. Rihanna would be the probable answer and fair enough she was probably the first celebrity to rock the green lipstick. Not just once or twice it was almost like it was her color after black.


But with more and more availability of green lipstick it's actually getting to the point where green is just another lipstick color. The more preferable green color that mainstream makeup companies like Kylie and Maybelline are releasing is dark green picking up on the popularity of black lipstick. It's like a mix of green and black blended to perfection.


We see metallic, sea green, dark one but we don't usually see a light or natural green. That is something totally on runway and magazines. Can light green work in day to day life on your lips? That would be some experiment to do. Maybe if it goes with the theme of your outfit or thee event then maybe. It is indeed intriguing to think about. For now dark green lipstick could be your thing. For sure if you love black lipsticks!

How To Rock Green Lipstick?


  • Dress: If you are going for a dress then you may have stumbled upon the right lipstick. Go for any darker colored dress like black or grey, any dark green lipstick or metallic green would be perfect.


  • Top Wear: You can choose any kind of top, something like shoulder cut or back cut would bring the oomph factor for your green lipstick. Shirts can be an option if you are being a little creative with rest of your outfit.

  • Bottom Wear: Ripped jeans might just be the most preferred things in this situation, although trousers can be be a good addition to a casual look.


  • Accessories: People usually go with a goth look if they are wearing green lipstick, you may or may not choose to do the same. But you can do a lot of accessories here. The rings, pendants, bracelets really complete the green lipstick.

Makeup For The Green Lip

  • Eyes: Go for smokey eyes or just a good application of kajal. Dark eyes do the trick.


  • Cheeks: A dark/brown highlight over blush would be amazing.


  • Base: You can do the usual or go for contouring, that will be perfect if you are going for a party.


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