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Grey Shirts For Boys


Well maybe we don't know that grey is the most common colour in menswear, but the grey color shirt for boys can be a versatile and flattering tone that can complement a range of looks. If you’re looking for a sleek alternative to a classic shirt for your boy or kid then grey shirt might be the answer. Hence here on Limeroad, we’ll go through some of the various design, pattern, Styles and shades of the grey shirt which you can pull one off for your boy.


Shades And Design


Lighter grey shirt, on the other hand, gives off a cooler look to your boy, more relaxed look, and make a good alternative to white, with their clean and bright tone. Different style of grey shirts for the kids can also change up the vibe of the look, but the grey colour is one of the first things to focus on.


The different shades of a grey shirt can be used to work with different outfits and different occasions such as party wear, birthday functions, so keep this in mind when you’re choosing a shirt for your boy. A slim fit short sleeved or full sleeved shirt in a light grey color is going to give a streamlined, relaxed look and is good to pair with cooler looks for boys.


Check/ Pattern Design


Check or patterned grey shirts for boys are popular because of the added texture and dimension they can give to a simple look. Even a small, non-invasive print can be enough to make an impact on an outfit of your boy, so if you’re looking to create more of an interesting vibe with something usually color fairly restricted like a formal look, then a checked or patterned shirt can be your answer.


Collarless Grey Shirt


Collarless grey shirts or grandad collar shirts of boys are an alternative version of the traditional collared shirts and offers a smooth or round neck collar that’s great for smarter casual looks. Although you can pair a grandad collar grey shirt with party looks for your kid, it’s best to avoid matching it with a full suit.




Grey shirts of boys can easily be worn on a daily basis. The ability to mold into both formal and casual looks makes it easy to use for each and every occasion. Coming in a wide range of designs, textures and prints from cotton to linen grey shirts in light grey, to checked short sleeved numbers, grey shirts have an ability to work with different colours, pieces and styles for your boy. Make sure you pick a right grey tone shirt that works best for your boy's chosen outfit, with dark shades working well for functional looks and lighter tones of grey shirt assuming a more laid back, casual look. Whatever tone or shade you choose, grey shirts are able to flatter pretty much on any age or group of boys. Thus having a few in the wardrobe for your boy is never a bad idea.