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Buy Guess Watches For Women in India @ Limeroad

Guess Watches For Women

Guess, an American brand make the stylish and trendiest watches for women. As the tagline says ‘GUESS watches combines the latest trends with innovative technologies to create modern, sexy timepieces’. Guess watches use movements made by Japanese companies which makes them solid and well performing, as far as the reliability is concerned. Their amazing designs and style have the capacity to capture the wearer at first sight.


A well paired watch not only accentuate your look but also add the perfect touch to your personality. Guess watches go with everything in your closet. Select among many styles of Guess watches for women on LimeRoad. To make the selection easy we listed down all the points and features of Guess watches, so you can choose best watch as per your requirement.


Guess Watch Designs


Guess watches are well constructed and durable. Among the wide range of Guess watches for women, you should choose the watch that is appropriate for your lifestyle and style.


The features and design of Guess watches for women that are available are:

  1. Dial Shape: Guess watches are commonly seen in basic dial shapes-Square, Round and Rectangular. Dial designs can range from shiny plain classic look or embellished with Swarovski crystals to give it extra shine and attention for special events.
  2. Display Type: Guess watches comes with analog or digital display or a combination of both, and can be chosen as per the wearer’s preferences.
  3. Strap Material: Guess watches are available in a variety of strap material from lighter to heavier ones like ceramic, leather, rubber, stainless steel, silicon and titanium. They show a variety of basic colors: gold, rose gold, silver, white, pink, blue, black, purple, red and brown, with same or contrasting strap and dial color combinations.



Movement or caliber of a watch is the internal mechanism that drives the hands on a watch face and gives power for other functions such as calendar, chronograph, etc.


There are 3 types of movement in Guess watches:

  • Quartz: These are powered by battery. Also, they provide accurate time, ease of use, low maintenance, less expensive and durable. Hence, quartz watches are preferred for regular use. Guess watches are mostly equipped with quartz movement.
  • Mechanical: these watches requires manual winding to operate and are found in luxury watches. They are durable, require no battery replacements, many mechanical watches have a transparent casing on the back which gives a clear view of the fascinating aesthetics of the interior of the watch.
  • Automatic: In these, kinetic energy from the wearer’s wrist drives the mechanism inside the watch. These watches are usually thicker and requires continue wear to make the watch function continuously

Guess watches can be worn by women with any outfit and event. Guess makes watches for casual, sport, dress and trendy looks. These watches are also loaded with other features as per one’s needs such as good water resistance, activity track, chronograph, multi-function and multiple time zone. Different watches have different features, therefore you should buy a Guess watch for its gorgeous aesthetics and the features you want and need.


LimeRoad has a vast collection of Guess watches for women to choose for, along with the classic stylish piece, bring home the latest technology as well.