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Buy Hand Rings for women in India @ Limeroad

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Hand Rings

Hand rings have a long and interesting history, they were first used in ancient Egypt, where signet rings were often used to sign important documents. They later became a sign of nobility. Another important purpose of rings is to show one’s marital status, engagement rings are often made of precious metals and decorated with precious stones. They are worn on the ring finger of the left hand, which is supposedly connected to a vein that leads directly to the heart.

Modern Fashion

However, rings are a widely used fashionable piece of jewellery in recent times. They are made of several materials like shell, wood, plastic, leather, but most commonly metal. Rings can be simple bands, that just add a subtle touch to one’s look, or they can be statement rings, that form the focal point of one’s outfit, and anything in between. Recently, stackable rings are a popular fashion trend, they are available in many designs, and they look minimalistic yet attractive. Knuckle dusters are another relatively new trend in rings, they are rings that are worn on two fingers at once. Midi rings are rings that are worn on the upper part of the fingers, and they look unique and classy.

There are a wide range of rings to shop from at Limeroad, and some rings that you can experiment with are:

  • Golden Color Metal Alloy Rings by Femnmas: If you want to get on the stackable ring trend, these rings can start you off! Their minimalistic design can add chicness to a variety of casual clothing. You can wear these with a white T-shirt, skinny distressed jeans, and converse for a lazy day outfit.
  • Blue Metal Hand Ring by Waama: This colourful statement ring can add a liveliness to your outfit if it was lacking. It can add jazz to Indian or Western outfits. You can sport this ring with pants and a kurti with sandals.
  • Gold Metal Hand Ring by MUCH MORE: This statement ring has beautiful stonework and will make you look like royalty when paired with solid palazzos and a bright coloured kurta with gold-toned sandals.
  • Silver Metal Hand Ring by Aventus: If you want to try knuckle dusters, you may find yourself loving this quirky patterned yet understated ring. The chain is an interesting component of the ring. Wear them with a printed top and shorts with colourful wedges to subtly integrate them into the look.

There are numerous ways to wear hand rings and make your outfits pop. You can wear a statement ring with plain rings on other fingers if you want to add to the statement ring’s look without being over the top. Stackable rings on one hand with thin bracelets or bangles can look minimalistic yet sophisticated. One can even wear silver rings with gold rings or bangles to add a fresh twist to a look, wearing gold and silver together is no longer forbidden in fashion. Whichever type of ring you prefer, the possibilities are endless and Limeroad is the place for you to explore!