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Buy Hanging Lights For Home & Decor in India @ Limeroad

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Hanging Lights For Home & Decor

Hanging lights are one of the most beautiful art pieces anybody can have in their house. Their glowing personality gives an effortless atmosphere in the area. The illuminating glow of hanging lights sets the mood for everyone present in that area. If you really like to get compliments from your relatives, neighbors, friends and dear ones, you should surely go for hanging lights in your house where you can show them off.

The Variety At LimeRoad

There are many types and style of hanging lights available on LimeRoad. Following are a few:

  1. Suspension lamp:- These are thin, made of metal, angular that can be hung in any angle to create a nice look.
  2. Pendant hanging lights:- This hanging light is especially for the inner glow and outer reflections. It transmits light from different angles
  3. Chandelier hanging lights:- The multiple glowing glasses hung along brass which can be of copper, nickel, fossil give an elegant look.
  4. Cirque chandelier:- These contain LEDs, glowing bulbs that bring an artistic effect to the table.
  5. Calx pendant:- This is basically made up of wood, gives a warm light & comes with a modern design.
  6. S/4L pendant:- This is basically used as a centerpiece. These can be designed in groups to create a breathtaking view.
  7. Ribbon chandelier:- It is thin, forms free light, allowing light to float through space.
  8. RA pendant:- This is in a geometry shape & gives a sophisticated look - thanks to the glass tubes.
  9. V black pendant:- This has a gold tube and is specially created for drama. It is opaque.
  10. Heat pendant:- This is created from recycled metal & is a very crafty piece of work.
  11. Grand aperture 4 chandelier:- These have 4 globe light with large-scale symmetry giving an innovative appearance.

Planning to renovate your house and then you suddenly realize that you need to change your old, boring house into a new classy one, then you should definitely go for hanging lights in places like the living area, kitchen & bedrooms too. You can surely give them a try to these hanging lights discussed above.

Shop At LimeRoad

So have you decided where to shop hanging lights from? Still wondering, are you? Head over to LimeRoad and make this online platform your one-stop destination! Lay your hands on these beautiful hanging lights available exclusively on LimeRoad. Also, don’t forget to download our mobile app to avail the occasional discounts and offers! Happy Shopping!!!

Frequently asked questions
How to fix the chandelier in ceiling?
It will be fixed in ceiling by electrician only with the help of a clip.
1 answers
Can it be use as a ceiling light?
Yes, it can be very well used as a ceiling light.
1 answers
Are the bulbs included?
Yes, there are 3 bulbs that are included.
1 answers
Do they have adjustable wires?
Yes, you can easily adjust the wires according to the desired length.
1 answers
Can LED bulb be used in the lamp ?
Any bulb with an E27 base will fit.
1 answers
Does the bulb is included in the product?
No, its not included in the product.
1 answers
Can we use 40w bulb?
Yes, why not? Of course you can.
1 answers
Do I get exactly what is shown in the picture?
Yes, it's same as shown in the picture.
1 answers
What is the colour of the chain?
It comes in an antique brown shade.
1 answers