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Buy Hawkins Roti Tawa For Home Kitchen in India @ Limeroad

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Hawkins Roti Tawa

About Hawkins


Hawkins is a very big name in the world of cookware. Hawkin roti tawa is one of the reputed cookware. Hawkins roti tawa are really good in quality and very affordable. They are best value for the money.


Here is a brief about Hawkins Roti Tawa available on Limeroad at best offers.




Hawkins roti tawa comes in two materials:


Hard Anodised


Aluminium tawa is made up of hard anodised aluminium. It is easy to make rotis on it without smearing a lot of oil on them. It can also be used with induction.  This material is trending now and is used in many cookware now.


Hawkins futura roti tawa made of hard anodised are with heavy and  thick gauge are highly durable. They have a really hard base and therefore metal ladles can be used easily. They are really very suitable for staple food like paratha, rotis, phulkas, etc. They come with plastic or metal handle which are heat free and easy to handle.They are really inert due to hard anodised coating,  they do not react with food. They can be used in oven also with a metal handle. They heat really fast upto high temperature and give an even heating.




Code: AT22

Diameter :22cm

Thickness: 4.06mm

Weight: 0.8kg


Code: AT24

Diameter: 24cm

Thickness: 4.88mm

Weight: 1.1kg


Code: AT26

Diameter: 26cm

Thickness: 4.88mm

Weight: 1.24kg


Code: AT26X

Diameter: 26cm

Thickness: 6.35mm

Weight: 1.44kg


Code: AT26XP

Diameter: 26cm

Thickness: 6.35mm

Weight: 1.5kg


Code: AT28

Diameter: 28cm

Thickness: 4.88mm

Weight: 111.48kg



They are easy to clean. Just use some detergent and you will get back the sparkling new tava back.


Non Stick

Hawkins futura non stick tawa can cook all the food items that hard anodised tawa can cook but uses a very low oil or no oil as compared to it. They are made from very special non stick coating from germany. It has 3 layers of coating.It can be very good for people watching out the oil intake as it cooks non stick food in less oil. It is best suitable for south indian dishes like upma, dosa etc. Futura non stick tawa is durable and best as compared to other non stick tawas in market.

They are suitable for cooking lovers. You can use wooden ladles as well metal ladles. Csn also be used on inductions.




Code: NT22

Diameter: 22cm

Thickness: 4.06mm

Weight: 0.88kg



Code: NT26

Diameter: 26cm

Thickness: 4.06mm

Weight: 1.14kg



Code: NT26X

Diameter: 26cm

Thickness: 4.88mm

Weight: 1.26kg




They can be cleaned very easily as they are non stick. No need of steel sponges to clean it. Just use a wet sponge and your are done.


Where To Buy From?


You can get all these varieties to choose from only on Limeroad. Limeroad gives you best  Hawkins futura roti tawas at very low and reasonable prices with discounts also. You can get many colors and a varied section of different sizes  also. Limeroad gives you the best service in terms of quality and money. So hurry and but the best Hawkins roti tawa for you today


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Frequently asked questions
Is futura tawa handle heated when cooking?
No. The handle of Hawkins futura tawa is made up of plastic and stainless steel and is also heat protected.
1 answers
Can I make dosa on non stick tawa?
Yes. The non-stick tawa is best suitable for south Indian food only.
1 answers
Which tawa is good for daily use?
Hawkins Hard Anodised tawa is best for daily staples foods.
1 answers
Can I use them on induction?
Yes. You can use almost all variants of futura tawa on induction also.
1 answers
Do they come with warranty?
Yes. There is minimum 2 years warranty on Hawkins futura roti tawa.
1 answers
Are non stick tawas compatible with stove top?
Yes they are perfectly compatible for stove top.
1 answers
Can i clean non stick tawa with aluminium scrub?
No. Not at all. This will remove non stick coating. You will be provided a plastic scrub along with it.
1 answers
Which tawa should i buy for daily purpose?
You should by hard anodised tawa as it is really durable and made for daily staple food cooking.
1 answers
Is the hard anodised tawa flat?
No. They come with concave base for even and easy cooking.
1 answers
Are they dishwasher friendly?
No. They are Not dishwasher friendly.
1 answers