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Buy Highlander Casual Shirts For Men in India @ Limeroad

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Highlander Casual Shirts For Men


As we all know the craze of casual shirts of men. And a brand like Highlander makes it more popular and useful for all the men. Some famous styles of casual shirts in this brand are given here:


The Blue Highlander Casual Shirt

Every man should own at least one blue oxford Highlander casual shirt. This is where “blue collar” originate from (back in the days when collars have become popular), and it’s still a Style that says “making the effort to look dashing”.

You don’t always need a super-expensive casual shirt. Something where an extra-smartness is needed, this Highlander casual shirt will be visible as a new style and in reasonable rate as well. It adds some visual texture.

The Candy-Striped Button-Down Highlander casual shirt

“Candystripe” is a common pattern of vertical lines alternating between a single solid color and white. Blue is the most common, but just about any color can be used. Its informality goes best with a button-down collar rather than the more dressy point or spread styles.


These are good shirts to wear with blazers and sports jackets, especially ones that don’t have a pattern of their own. You get a little bit of a visual pop, and the jacket dresses the shirt up into something more lively than cubicle wear.

Be sure to keep this one in the “strictly casual” part of the closet, however. It’s not something to wear with a business suit, even though it’s a long-sleeved, collared dress shirt.


Plaid Casual Shirts


A restrained plaid on a light cotton work shirt looks great when paired with khakis or gray slacks. A relatively fine weave with a smooth surface can help set the shirt apart from the fuzzier flannels we associate with outdoorsmen.

Stick to two colors for best results, such as the classic red on black or a more urbane navy on white. Once you start getting into Scottish clan tartans it gets a little wild for anything outside of, yes, a lumberjack’s flannel shirt.

The Rumpled Linen Casual Shirt

Linen has a tendency to wrinkle easily. Lightweight summer shirts in a solid, light color showcase this as a feature rather than a bug, and it’s worth owning one.


Highlander Description


Highlander is a very top brand not only because of his quality but also because of its price range. They have not just nice quality clothes in those price ranges but also provides a quality to a brand lover and satisfies their needs.


The above brand has on offer some of the coolest and the trendiest clothes for Men’s and their price range is also reasonable to include an amazing quality clothes. If you are a working man or your father or husband is working then buying daily an expensive shirts for daily use isn't logical untill unless you run a business of your own. Shirts of Highlander brand comes here in demand as it has a decent rating given by people to opt it for daily purposes as a daily wear dress. You can also try the same adter purchasing a single shirt and can see how long it lasts when you wear it thrice a month.


Another quality factor is their price bracket as the quality of the fabric is damn exceptional, fitting is perfect and available in all the sizes and you can't say that there is any fading in colour after wash. Hence, it is considered as one of the best affordable indian clothing brand which would certainly not make a hole in your pocket.

Ranges are vast as per the demand and gives a good option for choosing according to price and fabric type. Designs & prints are also tremendous and exceptional.


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