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Buy Hipster Panties For Women in India @ Limeroad

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Hipster Panties


Women have been breaking all kinds of barriers nowadays. When it comes to underwear, bidding goodbye to the thong and welcoming the full coverage underwear is one of the barriers. We now redefine “sexy” by changing the mainstream views of the term. And so. Hipster panties are getting popular among women. These are the ultimate combination of both comfort and style, so you don’t have to choose just one.


As the term “hipster” suggests, this is supposed to sit on the hips. This one is a fusion between bikinis and boyshorts. Hipsters are also getting popular because they avoid showing the infamous muffin tops. They give good coverage and also a sporty look.




Like all other pieces of clothes, Hipsters too, come in different styles, designs, and fabrics. When all of us are so different, how can just one style satisfy all, right? Limeroad has almost every single one of them so you can shop in the comfort of your home. Take a peek into our collection here:


  1. The classic hipster: This is a low-rise panty that covers the entire hip.
  2. French-cut hipster: This has a high-cut front leg opening. So it gives some upper thigh exposure.
  3. Control briefs: This is similar to shape-wear. It has a high-rise and covers the lower-stomach area tightly, thus flattening it out. These are made of thick fabric and help show off a feminine figure.
  4. Full briefs:  This covers the entire front and back, thus giving maximum coverage. The waist goes till the navel. This is also a type of shapewear.


Only because they cover most of the skin, doesn’t mean hipsters are not sexy. They come in different fabrics and styles that give these a sensual look. Cotton hipsters usually come with cute colors and prints and provide the ultimate comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing a thong to the beach, this will come to your rescue. Lacy hipsters are subtle and sexy at the same time. Nothing beats the charm of the laces, right? Also, there are seamless hipsters that help reduce the panty lines. These are perfect for wearing with your jeans.


Choosing The Right Kind


Hipsters are suitable for all body types. So you don’t have to worry if it will suit you are not. It definitely will. The important factor to consider here is the size. If the size is too small, the elastic will cut into your skin. If it is too big, it looks saggy. And since panties are worn close to one of the most sensitive areas of the body, it is very essential to take proper care of them. But you need not do much. Common measures like using a mild detergent, not putting them in the dryer will suffice. Also, remember not to wear the same set of panties for too long.  Different brands give different coverages. So while buying a hipster, make sure you are choosing the right fabric, design, cut, size, and brand. From Victoria's Secret to Jockey, Limeroad gives you everything. Explore our collection and take your pick.