4 Bedroom Makeovers under Rs.2,499

Modern and Stylish Bedroom
You can make your bedroom look very Classy with the combination of Purple and Black. Add some elegant Bedcovers and Bed linen along with stylish cushions to your bedroom and match it will a neutral rug
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Monochromatic theme Bedroom
Nothing spells stylish more than a monochromatic colour theme. Bring in black quilts to match contrast with your white bedlinen. Also add some Black and white framed images to the room decor. If you want you can add some white statues and figurines, if that is not your style go in for white vases with red and white flowers.
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Hotel Style Bedroom
Hotels usually keep the room linen very neutral. You can add the same look to your bedroom by adding beige comforters and starch white bedlinen. To add some colour go in for floral cushions.
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Flirty Pink
Every girl dreams of a pink bedroom. You can get this room decor without the room looking corny. Instead of baby pink go for a more rose pink and bring in furnishing with Indian prints. As pink is anyway a very Indian colour, you can get a pink room without it looking like a bubblegum
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