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Buy Hoodies For Women in India @ Limeroad

Hoodies For Women

Hoodies are sweatshirts which are collarless, oversized and heavy. They are soft, comfortable and provide warmth. Hoodies for women have lace and a hood used to adjust the tightening of hoods.


Hoodies are like pullovers but it can also be opened with zip or buttons. Hoodies have large pockets on the front so that you can carry things or put your hands in it. The style is more of casual or sportswear and is usually paired with sweatpants.


Hoodie Styles

Some Popular Hoodies For Women Are:

  • Pullover hoodie- The simple pullover hoodie for women is a hooded jumper, slipped over your head. It has no zip, is lose with drawstring in the hood for adjusting the opening.
  • Zip hoodie- A hooded jacket with zip in centre. It can be worn open or close and give a slim look than a standard sweater hoodie. It is a good option for layering.
  • Half zip hoodie- A zip extending from hood to lower chest or upper abdomen. So it can be easily slipped over the head and zipped or unzipped back for warmth.


Wearing Hoodie The Proper Way


  • Layered look- Surprisingly the best for cold months. Wearing zip up hoodie with basic t-shirt and adding an overcoat with skirt or slim jeans.
  • Athletic look- The comfortable and cool sporty look. The athletic fit for women is sharp and clean. Fabrics are warm, soft with better fiber quality. Pair your neutral color hoodies ( black, grey, white) with joggers.
  • Leather jacket- A heavenly combination of leather jacket with hoodies. As hoodies have tremendously improved in terms of quality and design. Women are buying casual design hoodies that can be worn to gym for casual to semi- formal outings. A black or brown leather jacket with hoodies in different colors and pairing it with leather boots for smart casual look.

Best Hoodies Available

  • When purchasing a hoodie to get the right fit. Slim or average build females should go for fitted or slim hoodies. It is to avoid sagging around waist making you look bigger. If even on muscular side, a slim fitted hoodie with zipless option works wonder.


For heavier girls hoodies should not draw attention to your belly area. Comfortable hood which flattens your shape should be the priority. So if you are tall, choosing a big size can work but not for short and broad women.

  • Hoodies come in few colors and styles. Choose the one that suits your style and personality. Some popular colors like black, grey, navy, white or the more feminine colors like pink. While the white hoodie can raise your fashion statement from the simplest through most smart contrast. Mix it up with black or brown overcoat for that casual chic look.

Hoodies for women in pure cotton designs for best quality and longevity. But make sure you dress appropriately for the season and your body. Go for timeless design and color that compliments your wardrobe like flecks or molted weave in a luxe fabric.

Frequently asked questions
How to buy hoodies for women?
Two best ways to buy hoodies for women on Limeroad is to simply type your requirement in search option. The other is to use filters to give you more options. You can then select hoodies as category on women’s wear section and navigate through more filters for more specific options.
1 answers
Are hoodies suitable for women?
Yes, be it old or young every woman looks great in hoodies .It is the most preferred piece of garment when it comes to comfort. Limeroad has a wide range of design available that you cannot go wrong. So if you are looking for something warm and comfortable in women’s wear this season then hoodies are the best option.
1 answers
Are hoodies for women similar to girls?
There is no rule as to this but most of the designs are similar with change in size. Though the designs are turned into more for women so you can have best of both.
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Can hoodies for women be returned?
Yes,Limeroad has the option of 7 days hassle free return.You can go to product page and you will find the product there. If there is some issue with the hoodies like colour or fabric you can return by going to your order page. You can request for a return. Similarly you can request it by calling or mailing it. So you can buy hoodies without thinking much.
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What popular patterns are available?
There are three popular patterns available on Limeroad’s pattern filter. From there you can filter on for printed or bold or mixed. You can even choose the sleeve length and material for hoodies.
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Which material is the best for hoodies for women?
Cotton,fleece,polyester blended are common materials that hoodies are available at Limeroad. These materials make it comfortable to wear and provide warmth.
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Are plain hoodies for women better than printed?
Both are equally good depending upon other factors like settings delete design and style. Plain hoodies go well with plain or same printed bottom.
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Can I wear hoodies to office ?
Yes,you can wear hoodies to office Pairing it up with loose overcoat for that cold winter months.
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How to get maximum discount on hoodies?
Hoodies for women at LimeRoad start with as low as 500 INR. Do keep a lookout for discounts or you can even purchase LimeRoad gold membership for a year at just 399 INR. With this you can get maximum discount on hoodies.
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Are hoodies durable?
Yes, they are durable provided you take good care. Following are the instructions on the tags for washing and maintaining. Limeroad even specifies the type of washing the garment needs like machine wash or hand wash.
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