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Buy Hurricane candle holders in India @ Limeroad

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Hurricane candle holders


Hurricane candle holders are external high elevations surrounding the burning candle. They are made up of single or combination of materials like glass, metal, wood etc. They are open-ended on the top. Some removable holders are open-ended on both sides. The main purpose of candle holders is to create an obstruction to the wind and prevent it from putting off the burning flame. Initially, they were meant to serve outdoor lighting purposes. But over a period of time, with innovative designs and availability of exhaust fans, their use indoors has widely increased.

In short, they are a translucent solid fence around the flame, which leave just enough room for the flame to get oxygen supply to continue combustion.


Glass, copper, bronze, ceramic, wood, iron, aluminium are widely used materials in the manufacturing of hurricane candle holders.


Isn’t it relaxing to look at craft pieces analyzing the function and aesthetics of design details? So let’s lay back and gaze at the vast diversity of this must-haves.


  1. Perforated hurricane candle holders
  2. Wall of candle holders have designs cut into them, thus creating an interesting equation of spaces. They project dynamic flickering patterns onto the living spaces creating a dramatic effect. Aluminium holders are paint coated with lively colours like lavender, gold, silver etc to make them synchronize with your preferences. They are available as single pieces or in sets of 3 with varying sizes.
  3. Copper finished gunmetal light holder with coloured glass stone
  4. This amazing combination of metal and gems bring a rusty appeal to the surrounding atmosphere. The light reflected from the glossy bright stone's throw amazing patterns into the air. Light up the dull mood with romance and vibrancy of fire and gems.
  5. Glass votives
  6. Multicoloured broken glass pieces are patterned on to a single layer. The flame from underneath glass shifts the shadows of these patterns around the room. Add fun and elegant warmth to your room in a single go with this piece.
  7. Iron decorative lantern with glass walls
  8. An iron frame is fitted with glass walls to give the shape of a traditional lantern. It is coated with paint to prevent rusting. Although it has aesthetic appeal and designed ventilator holes, enclosed upper surface leads to deposition of soot on the inner walls. As a result, the lighting gets dimmer and dimmer. Regular cleaning can maintain it in a good condition.
  9. Frosted surface hurricane candle holder
  10. This is specifically useful to limit the light expansion to a small area. Provides ideal company for bubble baths.
  11. Crystallized hurricane candle holder
  12. The surface has a rough, crystallized finish which scatters light in unpredictable directions. Since it leads to uneven density on the surface of the holder, the amount of light scattered also varies in intensity. This gives a depth effect to the shadows thus formed.

Other variants include tinted glass that adds filtered effect to the outcoming light. Hurricane candle holders make it possible to have rooftop candlelight dinners, open area dhaba lighting, garden restaurant lighting, puja with windows open. Protecting a flame means limiting the circulation of air by switching off fans, closing the windows etc. To save ourselves from suffocation, we definitely need hurricane candle holders. Check Limeroad for latest, affordable and exclusive designs.